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  • Customizable Valentine's Day Gifts With Love

    Customizable Valentine's day giftsI know it's early but bear with me here. WoodSnap currently has products available for customizable Valentine's Day gifts. Continue reading

  • WoodSnap Wood Print Collection: Travel Photo Print Collection

    Travel Photo Print Collection

    Printing on wood is a unique way of transforming your travel photos into something better. Our wood prints are great for travel photographers and even iPhone users! We have nearly an endless amount of sizes to choose from to cater to every taste. Travel photos such as landscapes, scenery, and skies will look great when printed as the woodgrain will show through the images. Start your travel photo print collection with WoodSnap!

    Travel Photo Print Collection


    Square Wood Print Collection

    Our 6x6 wood print collection is the perfect way to get your collection started. Upload photos straight from your mobile phone. Whether it is three of the same location, or three different locations, there are many variations to choose from!

    Panel Collection

    Panel Collection

    Feeling a little bit adventurous? This 12x24 wood print collection is perfect for your living room space. This panel is great for one photo across three panels.

    Pop Out Collection

    Pop Out Wood Print Collage

    Our 16x16 pop out is another great way to share your favorite photos. The middle print is a pop out, so feel free to get creative by putting your favorite photo or  a fun quote or special design.

    Photo Blocks

    New Photo Blocks

    Our new photo blocks are great for your desktop or living room table. The cool thing about these blocks is that they do not need a hanging mechanism, they completely stand on their own! Each print is printed on premium grade paper and is sustainably sourced. Our photo blocks are available in Black Walnut or Bamboo.


    The great thing about our wood prints is that there are no limitations! We have a ton of different sizes and many ways you can mount your travel photos on wood. From a single print, to printing your photos on home goods, or even printing on multiple panels, we have everything! You do not even need a high end camera to ensure a quality print! You can print quality wood prints straight from your mobile device. Check out the rest of our wood print collection here.

  • Summer In Southern California On A Budget


    Summer in SoCal

    Summer time is the perfect time to get away from priorities. Whether you are a student taking off school, or an adult taking some time off for vacation, there is always something to do! Here in Southern California, we take pride in our natural surroundings. Feel like you can’t spend too much money? There are a ton of free things to do.

    Continue reading

  • Coco Fro, Live Free Skin Co., & WoodSnap

    Coco Fro, Live Free Skin co, & WoodSnapWe recently got a project for some wood prints from two companies called Coco Fro & Live Free Skin Co. The logos piqued my curiosity and I was very impressed by the companies heart and soul. Continue reading

  • Youth Center Star Wars Event with WoodSnap

    The youth center Star Wars event with WoodSnap

    As the iconic quote goes: "Do. Or do not. There is no try." So, WoodSnap organized a Star Wars event for charity. All proceeds benefited the Los Alamitos Youth Center.  Continue reading

  • Java Tea Co is Supplying an In Kind Donation to GWED

    Java Tea Co is excited to donate their tea to help out their good friends Tiffany and Caleb the couple behind GWED. Now, if you aren't familiar with Java Tea Co, check them out!  Java Tea is a coffee-inspired, handmade, loose leaf tea blend made with organic teas, herbs, flavors and spices, creating a drink that emulates your favorite premium coffee beverages... but they are all made from tea!

    The Story of Java Tea Co


    The story of Java Tea started over 8 years ago when the world was ruled by overpriced coffee and water-downed teas. Finding a healthy and flavorful beverage was simply challenging. The founder was an avid coffee drinker but constantly looking for a tea that could stand up to the challenge of “healthy-for-me” bold flavors. This is where Java Tea was born. After 5 yrs. of training under a tea guru in the art of sourcing, blending and balancing, our tea blend began to take shape.

    But it was a sabbatical in Italy that birthed the nature, mission, vision, and revolution of the Java Tea Company. The espresso speed of life sounds fast, but in Italy, it is a moment frozen in time. And artful appreciation, where the consumer becomes a connoisseur of life, taking in the few minutes while they enjoy their beverage - never to go, never grande. This slow down mentality was incredibly inspiring. Made by human hands and not one-button-push robots. Small in size but massive in flavor. Taking the time to take in the moment. This is the Java Tea Co DNA.  Coffee-Inspired Teas, brewed in an Italian Moka Pot, handcrafted and designed for human connection.

    What is GWED?

    Tiffany and Caleb's wedding is called GWED, an acronym for The Greatest Wedding Ever Donated. The idea of the GWED is to bring attention and money to 5 different charities that the couple selected. Caleb, the groom has Cystic Fibrosis. And has had his quality of life and many years added from the research done by The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and other rare disease research. Tiffany, the bride suffered abuse, depression, and other mental health issues. So as a couple, they decided to use their wedding as a fundraiser. Benefitting groups that have had a big impact on their lives and supported them through the toughest times.

    If you'd like to donate your skills, time, money, or all three. Please go to The GWED to find out how you can get involved.

  • Greatest Wedding Ever Donated (GWED) & WoodSnap

    The greatest wedding ever donated and WoodSnapWoodSnap is a proud sponsor of The Greatest Wedding Ever Donated (GWED). We're committed to making sure that this event is as awesome as possible. Continue reading

  • Think Together & GWED- A Story of Upward Growth

    Think together charity sponsor for GWEDI recently did a post about Think Together and GWED. If you've been skipping your homework and missed the last post, I will explain. Think Together is a charity that offers programs to help students succeed in education.

    Continue reading

  • The Wiltern Theater- the Perfect GWED Venue

    GWED at the WilternThe Wiltern is an iconic unique theater located in Los Angeles, California. Most people know it as a concert venue. But it makes perfect sense that a huge, iconic and unique wedding like GWED would take place there! Located right on the corner of Wilshire and Western, (now you see how it got its name.) And originally designed as a vaudeville house by architect Stiles O. Clements. Who also designed the El Capitan and Mayan theaters with the same art deco style. The Wiltern initially opened as the Warner Brothers Western Theater, the flagship for the theater chain.

    The Wiltern and GWED

    The Wiltern was almost torn down on two occasions in the late 1970s. But thankfully through the intervention of a group of local preservationists, the theater was saved. And the preservation of the Wiltern was one of the Los Angeles Conservancy's first victories in its fight to preserve the architectural heritage of the City. It seems like the spirit of the Wiltern ties in with GWED, when faced with challenges a group of people came together to help it through the rough times. And they beat the odds!

    GWED is an acronym for the Greatest Wedding Ever Donated. The GWED couple believes that overcoming personal struggles involves a village of supporters, which is why it is so important to give back like those who helped them in their time of need. They are breaking the mold of traditional weddings by turning their wedding into a charitable gala.

    The groom, Caleb Remington, was born with cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is an inherited life-threatening genetic disorder that drastically affects the lungs and digestive system. Caleb's life expectancy was only 19 years of age. He has surpassed that and lives strong thanks to his incredible attitude, love, and the advances of modern science. His partner, Tiffany Au, has faced an overwhelming share of trauma as well. She has encountered sexual assault, depression, emotional abuse, poverty, first generational living, suicide, and the pressure of raising her siblings. On May 5, 2018, Tiffany and Caleb are leading the charge for healing, survival and conquoring lifes challenges by turning their focus toward helping the community aroud them.

  • Global Genes: A Rare Project - GWED Charity Sponsor Spotlight

    Global Genes


    Global Genes (GG), also known as "Rare Diseases",  is one out of the five charities Tiffany and Caleb are donating money to for the Greatest Wedding Ever Donated (GWED). The GWED five charities include the Wayfarer Foundation, Think Together, To Write Love on Your Arms, Cystic Fibrosis, and Global Genes. With only around 15% of global genes diseases having a voice in the community, it was important for Tiffany and Caleb to have this be part of their charity donations for the GWED because of its rarity.

    Continue reading

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