WS Vintage Matte

What is the difference between Vintage Matte & Bright White?


WS Vintage Matte

For an antiquated appearance, such as old Polaroids or images that have vintage filters we recommend letting the wood grain shine through your photo.

The charm of a rustic look gives you a way to perfectly recreate your sentimental images in a longer lasting and more durable format. This finish absorbs your photo beautifully into the wood to give it a simple buy captivating look.

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WS Vintage Matte

We now offer a NEW finish called Bright White, which shows off your photo with the utmost clarity and vibrant colors.

Does not show any of the natural wood grain through your image, the hue of grain is replaced by a white canvas. This option is ideal for wedding photos, family portraits, and images containing large amounts of white, shadows, and detail.

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