Wood Hexagon Prints- Will My Image Work?

Wood Hexagon Prints by WoodSnapOur wood hexagon prints are one of our more popular products. It can be tricky to pick the right image to fit this unique shape. But never fear! Your friendly neighborhood WoodSnap blogger is here to help.

Wood Hexagon Prints

Our hexagon prints come in various sizes. Standard prints come in 8X8 and 12X12. Now, those measurements are from point to point. While our wood hexagon prints come in vertical and horizontal orientation, we're going to use horizontal when discussing this topic.

Wood Hexagon Prints by WoodSnap.

I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize the fine people at Westcott who make truly amazing rulers. Moving on, the home goods section of our website also has hexagon coastersornaments, and magnets. Oh and even a woodsnap table! I always forget about that last one. So, a hexagon encompasses many of our products.

Will My Image Work on a Hexagon?

Selecting the right image to fit on a hexagon can be tricky. First of all, square images tend to work better for a hexagon. It just tends to fit into the shape better and there is generally less image to lose. If you don't have a square image, don't worry. We can always work with you on the image that you provide. You can also try an online crop tool to get a better idea of how your image is going to look.

I'm going to use an example image to demonstrate what gets cropped out.

Wood Hexagon Prints by WoodSnap.

We're going to use this image of a lovely couple to show exactly what gets cropped out. Right off the bat, I can say that this image is going to lose quite a bit vertically.

As you can see, the subjects are still in the frame and it certainly works as a hexagon. However, you do lose a lot of the photo to cropping. Now let's try it with an image that may not work for a hexagon.

Wood Hexagon Prints by WoodSnap.

Group shots that are pushed to the boundaries of an image such as this one can be problematic. If we want to fill out the hexagon, we're going to have to crop some people out. Wood Hexagon Prints by WoodSnap.

As you can see, we can't fill out the hexagon and include everyone in the picture. Of course, there is always the option of adding space along the top and bottom of the image. However, even with that option we still run into problems.

Wood Hexagon Prints by WoodSnap.

Here the image is pushed to the very edges of the hexagon and we still can't fit everyone. We're still cutting out one person.

I'm Still Not Sure

When in doubt, crop to a square. Chances are if your image can crop well into a square, it's probably going to work as a hexagon. There are a variety of crop tools on the interwebs. I would recommend imageresize.org. Of course, if you are still unsure about your image, we are happy to provide you with a free proof. Just contact our customer service department and they can assist you.

Techno Babble Incoming!

If you happen to be photoshop savvy, I have an image for you.

If you drag one of these images into photoshop on top of your image layer and change the Layer Blending Mode to 'Multiply' you will get a good visual of how the framing of a hexagon will change your image.

Yes, I made the second hexagon an obnoxious color of orange for a good reason. I like orange.