The Wayfarer Foundation-GWED Grant Recipient

Wayfarer Foundation-GWEDThe Wayfarer Foundation is one of the five charities selected by Tiffany Au and Caleb Remington to be grant recipients from the charitable gala GWED. The Wayfarer Foundation was created by actor and humanitarian Justin Baldoni. When Justin turned 30, he started spending his birthdays with friends volunteering and feeding the homeless. Over the years more friends started jumping in to help and the event grew and grew! It grew so quickly that in 2014 he started the annual Carnival of Love.  The goal of the carnival is to shine a light on those experiencing homelessness. And provide them with needed resources including career, legal, housing, health, and financial assistance.

All of this is done to build a bridge between the ever-growing population of Skid Row, local residents, and the volunteers. The Carnival of Love has grown exponentially and in 2017 had over 2,000 volunteers! The 2018 Carnival of Love is coming up on January 27, check out to find out ways that you can help.

The Wayfarer Foundation and GWED

GWED is an acronym for the Greatest Wedding Ever Donated. The GWED couple believes that overcoming personal struggles involves a village of supporters, which is why it is so important to give back like those who helped them in their time of need. They are breaking the mold of traditional weddings by turning their wedding into a charitable gala.

The groom, Caleb Remington was born with cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is an inherited life-threatening genetic disorder that damages the lungs and digestive system. Caleb's life expectancy was only 19 years of age. He has surpassed that and is going strong, thanks to an incredible attitude, strength, love, and advances in science. His partner Tiffany Au overcame childhood trauma. Stemming from sexual assault, depression, emotional abuse, poverty, first generational living, suicide, and the pressure of raising her siblings, by turning her focus to helping others.