Valentine's Day Gifts for Friends From WoodSnap

Valentine's day gifts for friends.Valentine's day isn't just for couples. Whether you're single or in a relationship, check out these Valentine's day gifts for friends.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Friends

About three years ago, a close friend gave me a wrapped Valentine's day gift. I looked at her cautiously for a moment as we were both in relationships. It turned out to be a True Blood recipe book, which was a show we frequently talked about. Because you can love someone without being romantically involved. So, check out these awesome gifts that are friend approved.


Coasters- It seems like everyone could use a good set of coasters. While our coasters and wood prints are plenty durable, we go above and beyond for our coasters. Due to the added stress of having to endure water, our coasters have a special clear coat to help protect them.

Valentine's day gifts for friends.

6X6 Wood Print

6X6 Wood Print- So you want to get your friend a gift but you don't want to make it weird. I get it. Check out our 6X6 wood prints. They are the perfect gift to say 'I like you, but I'm not in like with you.'

Valentine's day gifts for friends.

Wood Wall Art

Wood Wall Art- Did you know that we have an entire section dedicated to stock art? It's filled with prints depicting artwork of iconic locations. Therefore if you have a friend that is feeling homesick, you could check out some stock art.

8X10 Wood Print

8X10 Wood Print- First of all, 8X10's are our most popular wood print. Because they meet at a perfect point of awesomeness and cost. You're not going to find a better deal on cost per awesome.

Valentine's day gifts for friends.


In conclusion, if you feel like showing love to a friend this upcoming holiday, go for it. Don't fret over a gift, because WoodSnap has you covered.