WoodSnap Wood Print Collection: Travel Photo Print Collection

Travel Photo Print Collection

Printing on wood is a unique way of transforming your travel photos into something better. Our wood prints are great for travel photographers and even iPhone users! We have nearly an endless amount of sizes to choose from to cater to every taste. Travel photos such as landscapes, scenery, and skies will look great when printed as the woodgrain will show through the images. Start your travel photo print collection with WoodSnap!

Travel Photo Print Collection


Square Wood Print Collection

Our 6x6 wood print collection is the perfect way to get your collection started. Upload photos straight from your mobile phone. Whether it is three of the same location, or three different locations, there are many variations to choose from!

Panel Collection

Panel Collection

Feeling a little bit adventurous? This 12x24 wood print collection is perfect for your living room space. This panel is great for one photo across three panels.

Pop Out Collection

Pop Out Wood Print Collage

Our 16x16 pop out is another great way to share your favorite photos. The middle print is a pop out, so feel free to get creative by putting your favorite photo orĀ  a fun quote or special design.

Photo Blocks

New Photo Blocks

Our new photo blocks are great for your desktop or living room table. The cool thing about these blocks is that they do not need a hanging mechanism, they completely stand on their own! Each print is printed on premium grade paper and is sustainably sourced. Our photo blocks are available in Black Walnut or Bamboo.


The great thing about our wood prints is that there are no limitations! We have a ton of different sizes and many ways you can mount your travel photos on wood. From a single print, to printing your photos on home goods, or even printing on multiple panels, we have everything! You do not even need a high end camera to ensure a quality print! You can print quality wood prints straight from your mobile device. Check out the rest of our wood print collection here.