Think Together- GWED Charity Sponsor Spotlight

Think together charity sponsor for GWEDToday is the first of a series of very special charity spotlights. We will be drawing your attention to some of our favourite charities that are sponsoring the GWED event. Think Together is a fantastic charity that pushes a positive message through community involvement.

About Think Together

The charity was started in the 1990's by a group of concerned Mother's raising families in a tough neighbourhood. So, community leaders joined forces to open the Shalimar Learning Center. It was a place for kids to go after school to get help with homework or simply stay safe.

The learning center greeted a crowd of over 100 kids for its grand opening. That commitment to the community hasn't slowed down. Because of that passion, the program now serves over 400 California schools serving over 100,000 students annually. Therefore, Think Together was founded in 1997 to grow support services for kids who are in need.

The ultimate goal is to build communities where all children have a chance to succeed.

How Can I Help?

Due to the hard work of many volunteers, Think Together has been able to prosper. So, if you want to be involved with that, you can visit their website We are proud to call our selves their neighers as they are located in Southern California. They have a handy volunteer section located here if you would like to get involved.

What is GWED?

G.W.E.D stands for the Greatest Wedding Ever Donated. So, if you visit the website, watch the video and be prepared to cry. It's an event being held at the Wiltern Theater and it is all for a great cause. The bride and groom are Tiffany Au and Caleb Remington. Caleb was born with Cystic Fibrosis and his life expectancy was around 19 years of age. However, they haven't let that hold them back. They are both living life and doing something very big in the process.

The hope is to transform the wedding into a charity gala to raise awareness. With your help of course, yes you, because you are invited. Tickets will be up for sale via the GWED events page. The event will feature Raffles, silent auctions and a concert.

Where Does WoodSnap Fit in?

We are proud sponsors of GWED and hope to do our part in raising awareness and making sure that it is an awesome event.