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  • Valentine's Day Gifts for Friends From WoodSnap

    Valentine's day gifts for friends.Valentine's day isn't just for couples. Whether you're single or in a relationship, check out these Valentine's day gifts for friends. Continue reading

  • Heart Shaped Wood Prints Have Arrived Just in Time for Valentine's Day

    Heart shaped wood printsHeart shaped wood prints are just the beginning of the cool new things that WoodSnap is going to be rolling out in 2017! But let's take a second to give a high five to the creative team for getting this from concept to an actual product. Okay, now that that's taken care of lets get to the details of this unique wood print. Continue reading

  • Santa Ana Pop Warner Opening Ceremony

    WoodSnap got to partake in the Santa Ana Pop Warner Opening Ceremony this weekend! 

    Santa Ana Pop Warner Opening Ceremony Santa Ana Pop Warner Opening Ceremony

    Yes! Our WoodSnap team was out on the field this week celebrate all the Monarchs kick off the season! The board of directors introduced all the players and cheerleaders for the 2015 squad. Diverse and multicultural families from the local community came together to share food and games, from chicken teriyaki bowls to carne asada fries there was something for everyone. The adorable cheerleaders from every division performed and riled up the excitement for the whole Monarch nation.  Prizes were given out for those who won competitions within their divisions so some kids even got to go home with Beats Headphones and a VIZIO flat screen television! In recent years the Monarchs have brought home several championships and look forward to bringing more with this 2015 football team. WoodSnap was there to share these memories this year with them and we would love to be a part of your local community pop warner teams as well.

    If your children are in sports this season congrats on being dedicated enough to see your kids through a true commitment.  Sports are important for youth because they encourage teamwork, physical activity, social skills, and self esteem. Why not give your child or yourself a reminder of these accomplishments by placing your football pictures on wood. It is a perfect plaque for coaches, team moms, and the children as well. Thank you to the Monarchs for allowing us to be a  part of such a special occasion. We Are WoodSnap. “The Original Print on Wood Company”.


  • Photo on Wood Groupon

    Yes! Now you can get your Photo on Wood Groupon for some awesome deals!

    chalk-board-16x16 Get your Photo on Wood Groupon today!


    It finally happened ladies and gentlemen! WoodSnap has finally placed an item up on Groupon! You can now find our new and unreleased chalkboard products exclusively on there. Get over 70% off select sizes of a framed wood print chalkboards. You now have the option to write and customize your wood prints even more! WoodSnap is also offering a complete set of colored chalk and eraser that is completely adorable and rarely takes up any space as an add-on. Check out all of our new options on our website. Now you can have a place to write down all your to-do's for the week or have a creative space for your children. Another great thing about the chalkboards is that WoodSnap can become more of a green printing company. As you guys may know we do have a Roots for Trees program that allows us to plant a tree for every WoodSnap you create, but now we are able to use all of the blemished wood for the chalkboards. We take pride in knowing that we hand select your wood to accompany your picture and sometimes the wood grain does not allow for your photo to be printed. There can always be wood knots and natural wood accents that may clash with the photographs. The best thing about these chalkboard prints, aside from some great prices on Groupon and some awesome wall decor, is that now you can help WoodSnap and the environment by printing on all of the organic wood canvases here at our facility. We are WoodSnap. ''The Original Print on Wood Company."

  • WoodSnap Joins "Take it to The Streats"

    Get involved with your community with WoodSnap as they Join "Take it to the Streats!"

    In this picture you will find one of trusted employees managing a display of wood prints at an St. Patricks day event in Tustin. We are always trying to reach out to the community and spread the news about Printing photos on wood. For more information please visit www.WoodSnap.com Volunteers organize paper bags with encouraging words that children wrote for Take it to The Streats.

    Jaz Arreola


    This past Saturday in Santa Ana, CA, our wood prints and WoodSnap team found themselves wearing plastic gloves full of peanut butter and jelly gunk.  An assembly of volunteer sandwich maker volunteers, lined up on long tables making peanut butter and jelly as well as bologna sandwiches to feed the homeless.

    Lively music played while children sat at various tables drawing on paper bags and writing encouraging sticky notes. Adult and young volunteers from Santa Ana and the neighboring communities packed the bags with granola bars, fruit, water, sandwiches and hand sanitizing wipes.  The colorful paper bags were then distributed taken to Orange County’s Walk of Honor at Civic Center Plaza, near an area where there is a great concentration of homeless people.

    Jeanne Aguinaldo and her husband, Reggie Estrella, organized this community event to honor Jeanne’s milestone birthday.

    Aguinaldo, while holding a woodprint, said, “I wanted to send positivity out to people and get people together with family and friends.” she said, “the turnout is great and I don’t know most of these people!”

    Reggie Estrella and Jeanne Aguinaldo were able to make Take it to The Streats a public event thanks to 4th Street Market, who provided the space as well as helped promote the event.  Donations of food by some of the restaurants in 4th Street Market were also provided.

    Julie Rivera, a Santa Ana local, said she saw a flyer posted at 4th Street Market and excitedly contacted Jeanne.  She said this is the type of community event Santa Ana needs and is very hopeful to see more events like these of it in the near future.

    More than 500 food paper bags were assembled. The number of bags created exceeded expectations and were distributed, not only at the Civic Center Plaza but also taken to the Mercy House Family Shelter and Southwest Community Center.  Jeanne Aguinaldo hopes that Take it to The Streats may become a regular event that can bring the Santa Ana community together. For now, our wood prints stay waiting for another jelly-mess adventure. Until next time!  “We are WoodSnap. You’re Memories Ingrained”.

  • Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas are needed right around the corner !! Don't be late!!

    Have your own custom wood prints made here at WoodSnap. Visit our website to get started, www.woodsnap.com. Make this Valentines Day one to remember !

    Don't be the one who forgets to buy the VALENTINES GIFT! It's the last thing you need. I know life can get busy and overwhelming but you must find the time to shop for your loved one. WoodSnap has a collection of high quality wood canvases that make great gifts. The clock is ticking. What are you going to do? Hurry! Find a high resolution photo that means something to you and your significant other, log on to our website, and let us guide you. We understand that picking the perfect Valentines gift can be a little challenging. Don't worry. We're here help you every step of the way. You have plenty of options to choose from. Think about the person who will be receiving it. What would that person like to see? What pictures do you have that can make up a magical collage? Does that person love frame prints? Your Valentines gift should be something that speaks from the heart. Your generosity will be more appreciated. A personalized Valentines gift* speaks from the heart and can never be forgotten. Take the extra step. Make the effort to create an the everlasting impression. Shop with WoodSnap for this years Valentines gift or any gift for that matter. Have a good one. WoodSnap. " The Original Print on Wood Company"

  • Its Time to Order Your V-Day Gifts!

    Dont waste any more time!  Get your V-Day Gifts at WoodSnap!

    Stop procrastinating this Valentine's  day and start ordering your WoodSnap prints now.  Visit us at www.woodsnap.com to start your gift. STOP! Procrastinating ends here.

    By: Jaz Arreola


    Alright guys and gals, Its time to get serious because Valentine's Day is literally right around the corner and so are your VALENTINE'S GIFTS at WoodSnap.  We've been on this road trip since January and now were finally reaching the end!  If your Valentine's gifts involves pictures and a canvas, then I encourage all of you procrastinators to stop procrastinating ASAP and start thinking of wood instead as your gift!  The worst thing you can say to your love bird on Valentines Day is, "Sorry babe, your Valentine's gifts are pending and will be arriving shortly". No, no! Not good! Why? Because it just shows a lack of meticulous planning that is supposed  to show you actually care. Believe me. I've been there, done that, and it's not a pretty experience. Not only does it make your partner feel unloved, but then you will go through this gnarly guilt trip thinking about why you didnt not put more effort into planning when they totally did. I am, for example, the procrastinator in my relationship. I literally wait until the last day if it's even possible or the last week if I'm ordering Valentine's gifts online. Then on the last day, I am  shaking in my boots. This is a very important message from a concerned intern at WoodSnap for all you procrastinators. Order your Valentine's gifts* from WoodSnap and take a little trip, not on Guilt Trip Road but on the Love, Pure Joy, Memory Lane Highway with a print on wood. Toodles!  We are WoodSnap!  "The Original Print on Wood Company".

  • WoodSnap is for Electric City Butcher

    WoodSnap contributes with Electric City Butcher , providing them with wood prints for their new establishment.  Visit our website www.woodsnap.com. Electric City Butcher prints theirs with WoodSnap.

    By Jaz Arreola


    WoodSnap is ecstatic to have recently contributed wall-wood prints decor for  the new European inspired charcuterie, Electric City Butcher.  Electric City Butcher opened it's doors this January in Santa Ana, providing Santa Ana locals with only quality hand-crafted meats, sausages and hams.  Not only are we delighted to have worked with customizing wood prints for ECB but now their costumers and ours, can come together in one place.  Good food, good wood prints, you name it!  Supporting this new shop is what WoodSnap looks constantly for, a company that not only portrays similar great costumer service through their quality products but has good taste in interior design.  The contemporary feel the WOODPRINTS bring to the establishment is the PB to the J.  Cheers to a new establishment with woodprints and to the many more we look forward to working with.  Also, don't forget Valentines Day is coming up quick !  Stop procrastinating and browse WoodSnap.com for the ideal gift for that special one.  We are WoodSnap. "The Original Print on Wood Company".

  • Memorable Photos to Art

    Turn your memorable photos to art on an elegant presentation of birch wood canvas and frame!

    Turn a simple picture to wood a memory this Valentines Day.  Get started on your gift at www.WoodSnap.com Picture this on Valentine's Day.

    By Jaz Arreola

    Communication is a crucial quality for an individual to attain.  Not only has it been a consistent struggle for decades but an on going one til this day.  See the thing about communication that is difficult, is understanding the many perspectives of it.  Learning from each other is key to the growth of the individual and the relationship. I also think that relationships can be an art. Connecting to someone in the beginning can be obscure  then once you get the groove going it can be a glorious mural of the mind, so why not make it tangible if you have the ability to. The aesthetics of communication can be easier than you think, taking a picture to wood can facilitate the message of love this Valentine's Day.  We all know our other blogger David is not falling for cupids enchantment but I am.  Valentine's Day with a picture to wood, can easily be an aspect of communication and a perfect opportunity if you haven't already had the chance, to express your love through a memory on wood.  Picture to wood* this, the love of your life is communicating with you through in-direct messages or direct, depends, that they want a picture to wood memory.  Not necessarily are they thinking of a picture on wood but YOU are, because a framed picture has been a consistent almost stale, expected gift.  Turn your memorable photos to art on an elegant presentation of birch wood canvas and frame, it's 2015, times have-a changin' so get with the program! We are WoodSnap.  "The Original Print on Wood Company".


  • Instagram Prints!

    Even if it's just a selfie, if that picture is a meaningful one, turn into a lifetime memory by creating WoodSnap Instagram prints!

    Wood print Instagram photos and save a memory with a quality print. visit our website www.woodsnap.com Are you our new Instagram discovery?

    By Jaz Arreola


    The world of Instagram has contributed to the exposure of unknown photographers that many of us wouldn't have known about otherwise.  This is why WoodSnap is always on the lookout for photographers with an eye, who we can WOOD PRINT INSTAGRAM photos about.  The reason why we do this, is to prove the quality of our wood prints,  a wood print Instagram* photo, shouts loud when on our birch wood.  Not only do we have access to a social medium where we can discover new artists but we can also discover the print providers (WoodSnap) that make those images louder than just words.   Even if it's just a selfie, if that picture is a meaningful one it can be a wood print Instagram selfie, that can turn into a lifetime memory.  Here at WoodSnap we keep lurking through Instagram like sharks for those breath-taking wood print Instagram photos.  Show us your best ones by choosing WoodSnap to print nothing but quality prints.  We are WoodSnap.  "The Original Print on Wood Company".

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