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  • Wall Decor at Chelsea Market


    Photography on wood is incredible medium!  This is a photo of the beautiful photography on wood brought to you by WoodSnap. To lean more visit www.WoodSnap.com  The time is right now!

    Jaz Arreola


    This week, WoodSnap was privileged to have outfitted the wall decor at Chelsea Market; the hot spot in Manhattan, New York also known as, “the locus of food”. Several of the top "up and coming" NYC photographers were selected by WoodSnap to adorn the brick walls with loud custom wood prints of the big apple. Thirty five 24"x36" WoodSnap wood prints currently line the walls of Chelsea Market.

    NYC manages to keep its live culture invincible due to it’s massive number of adept residents and guests. Each image captures a moment only experienced in the empire state; graffiti art, the subway zooming by and distinct people walking the streets all convey a contemporary feel of a historic yet wonderful city. These custom wood prints, include a description of the photo and a small picture of the photographer in the footer.

    In that footer, the contemporary feel is predominant, displaying the photographers Instagram! The ability our society has to communicate with the masses is quite extraordinary and is happening now! The growing movement of social media and incredible wood print technology, will forever be ingrained on our custom wood prints for future generations to study and appreciate.

    If you find yourself roaming the streets of Manhattan, New York make sure to give Chelsea Market and it’s new interior wall art decor of CUSTOM WOOD PRINTS by WoodSnap a scope. Visit the photographers featured too! Saunak Shah / @saunakspace, Alexander Scott Harris / @AsHarris, Aaron Jaker / @Radiosilence, Sanjida Bintekamal / @Sanjidawesome,  Zach Asato / @Zachasato, Erick Urgiles / @Erickhercules, NAZ / @Cainite_. We are WoodSnap! "The Original Print on Wood Company".

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