Print your Wedding Party Photos on Wood!


There is only one force that can make grown men shave, shower, dress up and behave all at the same time… Wedding Photos. They look amazing printed on wood but the process is torture. Don’t ask me why, but we’d rather gargle shards of glass than dress up in a tuxedo and stand for pictures.  We’d rather commit seppuku than say “Cheese” in a bow tie. We’d rather spend our birthday watching Little House on the Prairie… the Musical… in French than simultaneously all jump in the air for a “wacky photo.”  It’s in our DNA. So take advantage of those Wedding Party Photos while you can and print them on wood! You want a wood canvas that is durable and will be around forever! They’re the perfect Wood Gift for your wedding party! Take it from us - WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”

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