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    A Wood Gift is the perfect unique gift!

    Photo on Wood - Carriage

    Do you know how much it costs to cut my hair? Nothing. I do it myself. Do you know how much it costs for my wife to get her hair done? A 160.00 plus tip! My dog’s hair cut is only 25 bucks and his whole body is covered in hair! Wait a minute…wait just one minute. I have an idea. A brilliant idea! If I could talk my Dog Groomer into doing both cut AND color, maybe even specializing in highlights I could ask my wife to… get our dog’s hair frosted. What? You thought I was going to say send my wife to the dog groomer? You’re sick. Sick, sick minded people. I would never ask her to do that :)… unless I thought she would say yes. Our wedding anniversary is coming up this winter and we’re getting our family photos printed on wood at WoodSnap.com! We’re giving them to the grandparents as wood gifts! So whether you’re rockin’ the mullet, the bouffant, the Rachel, or a shaved head send us your photos to print on wood! We are the wood gift experts! WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”

  • PHOTO ON WOOD GIFT SERIES: Flowers for me? Well, I do declare…

    Need a wood gift for your five year anniversary?

    print on wood 2

    There’s something so sophisticated about the Southern Gentlemen presently a bouquet of flowers to his Southern Belle. I realize this concept comes solely from the movies but shouldn’t life be more like movies? I’ve always wanted to carry my newly-married wife through weeping willows while wearing a seersucker suit. That would be the perfect photo to print on wood for our five year anniversary! *That is the wood gift wedding anniversary! I would love to carry my bride down a dirt path to our beautiful, sprawling estate as I sing Zip-a-dee-doo-dah while a cartoon blue jay rests upon my shoulder. That is the world I want to live in. But alas, my wife has already blocked my attempt to change my name to “Mr. Beauregard” so this blog may be the closest I ever come to living that Sweet Southern Dream. WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Five Year Anniversary coming up? Get your wood gift at WoodSnap.com!

    Photo Printed on Wood

    I have only been on one blind date in my life. I learned a valuable lesson that night; don’t judge a book by its cover… but if you read the entire book and it’s still a drag, definitely don’t go back for a second read. I’m not saying my date was boring, but I did find myself fantasizing that the carbonation bubbles in my Sprite were actually air bubbles released from a tiny family trapped at the bottom of my cup. With each new bubble they were signaling the outside world for help. I realized I must have been just as boring when she began fashioning a miniature, working cattle ranch on her plate using her lasagna and my ravioli. We’re good friends now and laugh about that disastrous blind date that happened many moons ago. She got married and is now celebrating her five year anniversary with a good, and apparently much more entertaining, man than I. So send us your photos to print on wood! They are the perfect wood gift! And if the tiny family that’s trapped in that Sprite cup can hear me, “I’m coming for you!” Take it from WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Photo prints on wood look awesome at WoodSnap.com!

    Photo on Wood - Couple with Balloons (2)
    That’s right, it’s Labor Day weekend and in honor of Labor… I plan on doing none. It’s weird how the holiday works like that. It’s like celebrating Thanksgiving by being unthankful. All across America, people will be BBQing, relaxing, and enjoying the remnants of summer. We’ve printed some amazing photos on wood from Labor Day parties! So break out those cell phones and cameras and take some epic photo memories! They make the perfect wood gifts! And while you’re doing that, I will be lounging around the house in my pajamas watching reruns of Saved by the Bell, honoring “Labor” exactly like our forefathers envisioned :). WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Wedding Anniversary Gifts are tough to get right. Wood Gifts are the perfect gift for your Five Year Anniversary!

    Photo on Wood - Bride

    Picking out of an anniversary gift can be pretty stressful. You most likely wasted all of your “good ideas” for your spouse on Christmas or their birthday.  If true love is so rare and valuable why can’t I just give that to my wife in lieu flowers? Hold on, before you think I’m a terrible husband I would include a card too. Gee-whiz, I’m not an animal. But if you really want to guarantee a smile on their face take your wedding photos and print them on wood! They are the perfect wood gift! Take it from WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Celebrate your five year anniversary in style! Get your loved one a wood gift from WoodSnap.com!

    Photo on Wood - Carriage

    Social Media has made meeting people to date easier but let’s face it, it’s still tough. The pressure to avoid Mr. Wrong (or Ms. Wrong) is daunting. So if you want to find love, success and reach that elusive wood gift-wedding anniversary of five years here are three rules to live by: 1) Never adjust your contact lenses immediately after eating cotton candy. Just don’t. 2) If Life gives you lemons NEVER use them to make lemonade. Instead, put those lemons in a sock and then beat Life unmercifully with it. I promise you, Life will give you bananas next time. 3) When you find that person you can’t live without, tell them. Right then, right there. Tell them how you feel. Love is always worth the risk. Take it from wood gift experts! WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Send us your photos to print on wood! We are the wood gift experts!

    Photo on Wood - Dog

    “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” seems so hypocritical. If humans have to tell the truth why shouldn’t dogs? …Just kidding. The reason I’m writing about sleeping dogs is because my two, little pups snuggle with me every night. They are the sweetest dogs you will ever meet… unless you meet them while they’re sleeping, then they’re tiny demons with bacon addictions. If you move a fraction of an inch, disturbing their sleep, they go from adorable to ferocious faster than you can say “Pavlov’s dead.” But as the good book says, “Love is patient, love is kind, love is learning to sleep motionless…” or something like that. My wife took several pictures of them and printed the photos on wood at WoodSnap.com.  They are the perfect wood gifts/defensive shields next time my dogs freak out! WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Wedding Anniversary coming up?


    Instagram photos on wood look stunning! It’s amazing how a few photo filters revolutionized the way we share memories. Yet Instagram embodies pure irony. Mankind has spent a 150 labored-years advancing photo technology so we can now put a filter on the photo so it looks like it was taken 150 years ago. Seems like we should have just cut out the middle man and everyone gone out for drinks. That’s like inventing a rotary cell phone or writing an email to your mother then using a carrier pigeon to transport the computer to her so she can read it. But hey, you can't argue with success!  So whether you’re going old school or new school, send us your wedding photos to print on wood! They are the perfect wood gift for your five year anniversary! WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Photo on wood - WoodSnap

    This is the first, inaugural blog entry for WoodSnap.com… unless you count the 132 blog entries we did before :). We have completely revolutionized our website, moved into a huge new facility in Irvine, California, and battened down the hatches for an amazing new chapter of premiere Wood Printing! We are the wood gift experts and we are movin' on up! Starting a new website is much like having a baby. At first it’s exciting as you’re picking out wall paper and color schemes but then the anticipation wanes into bloated legs, back pain, and binge chocolate eating at 2:00am in the morning. Yes, it is painful and exhausting but when you finally give birth… it's all worth it! So join us in cutting the proverbial umbilical cord and check out our new website for taking your favorite photos and printing them on wood! We hope you enjoy our site as much as we do! And yes, this is the only blog you’ll read that will compare their website to an umbilical cord. We do things differently here. We are WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”

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