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  • Prints on Wood for Wedding Decorations on Your Special Day

    WoodSnap for WeddingsPrints on wood are a unique way to bring style and simplicity to your wedding day decor. Plus, you can use the prints to decorate your home after your big day! So the prints look cool and cost effective. Continue reading

  • Photos on Wood From Your IPhone, Here are Some Tips for Getting Great Photos

    Photos on Wood -Fernando SamalotPhotos on wood from your Iphone images can be amazing. Some people like Fernando Samalot (the artist who crafted theses images) seem to have a natural gift for it. Other people like myself have to try a much harder to get something worthy of printing. However, I have some tips that I've found very helpful with my Iphone photography that you may find helpful as well. Continue reading

  • WoodSnap Affiliate Program is Here! Sign Up Now!

    WoodSnap affiliateWhat is the WoodSnap Affiliate program? Well, an affiliate program is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer (WoodSnap) pays a commission to an external website (your site, blog, or social media) for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. It's an awesome and easy way to make some extra cash while being an advocate for WoodSnap. It's already a brand that you know, love, and trust so why not? We've already done the hard part by creating our own patented process to produce the highest quality wood prints on Earth.

    Who is the Provider of the WoodSnap Affiliate Program?

    The WoodSnap affiliate program is provided by Shareasale. All you do is sign up with Shareasale (it's free) and very simple to apply. Once you are approved you will gain access to get all of the artwork, coupons and deals. Everything will be provided for you to add to your site to make it successful. If someone visits your site and buys a WoodSnap within 30 days you get a percentage of the sale. For WoodSnap the commission is set at 11-51% depending on the size. And the money is deposited directly into your account very quickly. Plus new affiliates that sell 10 prints or more in the first month get $100 Bonus!

  • The Mission Viejo Focal Point Artists for February 2017

    Mission Viejo Focal Point Artists for February 2017The Mission Viejo Focal Point Artists for February 2017 have been announced! Come by and check out our latest group of talent! While you're there grab some food or a drinks, Union Market has endless choices to satisfy any craving. Not only that but they have games including ping pong tables and corn holes that are easily accessible and FREE to use!

    If you'd like to submit your work to be considered for the exhibit. Just send your website, Instagram handle, or some samples to [email protected].


    It started with my lack in the ability to draw and my impatience to sit and write a fully comprehendible novel. Photography gave me a door into the world of creativity and since I've opened it, I have discovered the true meaning of beauty, color, and light. It has given me the ability to see the potential in everything, from the simplicity of a wet leaf after a morning storm, to the majestic heights of big city skyscrapers. @the.full.frame


    It started with my lack in the ability to draw and my impatience to sit and write a fully comprehensible novel. Photography gave me a door into the world of creativity and since I've opened it, I have discovered the true meaning of beauty, color, and light. It has given me the ability to see the potential in everything, from the simplicity of a wet leaf after a morning storm, to the majestic heights of big city skyscrapers.



    Mission Viejo Focal Point artists


    As owner of Hollywood Breeze Photography, this internationally published plus-sized pin-up model and photographer has had more than her fair share of developing negatives.

    After a divorce equal parts tragic, freeing and motivating, Hollywood Breeze realized something only emotionally charged relationships can teach us: some people need to be shot. So, a star was born helping provide an artist relief to a wide range of audiences throughout her San Fernando Valley (CA) hometown.

    A firm believer that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and costs, Hollywood Breeze accommodates her clientele with an onsite hair and make-up team at each shoot, luxurious costumes and props, and customized themes that make reaching those beautiful ideals less back breaking and bank busting. Her all inclusive services from Cheesecake Pin-ups to Divas (with Devils Food?!) have made this easy-going, charm-school dropout the talk of the town! Her talents include portraits, events, and lifestyle (plus a few more honed talents not suitable for print).
    When asked her motivations, a sly smile parts her ruby lips - "Well..." she says, "because everyone is bound to get shot in Hollywood"


    Stephen is a U.S. Marine, traveling the world and taking photos from in the air, on land, and sea. From the rugged Sierra Nevada mountains in California to the snow covered peak of Mt. Fuji in Japan, Stephen's images allow you to bring the wildness of the world right into the palm of your hand.

  • 4th Street Market Focal Point for February 2017:Seth van der Linden

    Focal Point at 4th Street is a unique opportunity for WoodSnap to give back to the art community that has been so supportive of us since our beginning. Every month we feature a different group of artists. We print their photos or other artwork on wood and display it at one of our gallery locations. And then at the end of the showing the artists get to keep the prints. All for free! It's great for everyone. If you'd like to submit your work for consideration. Just send your website, Instagram handle, or some samples to [email protected].


    4th Street Focal Point


    Hi! My name is Seth and I love this little blue ball we call earth. While not a professional photographer, photography has become one of my greatest passions and constantly influences how I view landscapes. It has been an interest of mine since I was 14 but it wasn't until my Junior year in college where I began to focus on it more intently. You will mostly find me outdoors shooting the landscape with my camera or drone, or in Laguna Beach where I work for a Landscape Architecture firm as a designer. However, no matter where I am my camera isn’t far behind, always ready for the next adventure.


  • Focal Point at Union Market in Tustin February 2017

    February Focal Point 2017

    The Tustin Focal Point Artists for February 2017 have been announced. We are so excited to support another awesome group of creatives! Come by and check out their artwork! While you're there grab some delicious food and drink from this popular mom and pop marketplace!

    If you'd like to submit your work to be considered for the exhibit. Just send your website, Instagram handle, or photography samples to [email protected].



    "My name is Drew Perez and I am a self taught freelance travel/lifestyle photographer based in Long Beach California. If I am not chasing sunsets on the coast, then you can find me in the mountains searching for the best views this beautiful world has to offer.





    My personal mission statement: "To spread joy and create beautiful things." I'm a photographer, but I'm also a distance runner, kayaker, fly angler, musician, and so much more. I smile a lot, and seek out beauty in ordinary and everyday things. I sleep too much, run a lot, and drink a ton of coffee. I have a fabulously mustachioed husband, Brian, and an adorable Jack Russell terrier, Abbie. Fantastic music, incredible wine, fancy dancing, good whiskey, and great beer are much appreciated in our Wisconsin home- we live a few blocks from the river and spend as much time in it as possible.



    Ryan Valasek is an explorer, photographer and surfer based in Southern California. At the age of 23, Ryan is using his camera as a tool to see the world and capture stories as they unfold organically. His vision is to inspire people to challenge their creativity and to get out and explore for themselves. In Ryan's spare time he enjoys shaping surfboards in his garage.


  • Photos to Wood, From Your Phone to Your Home


    Photos to wood. From your phone to your home.We just welcomed a new puppy into our household and of course we've taken 100's of photos already. Having memories on your phone and floating around on social media is one thing. Putting your photos to wood and having a physical product in your hand is quite another. Continue reading

  • Printing Photos on Wood is Just What We Do

    Printing photos on wood is just what we doPrinting photos on wood comes natural to us at WoodSnap. As I sat in our conference room the day I starred up at this print of we have of Evel Knievel. I thought back to when I was a kid watching an old video of his Caesar's Palace jump. As a kid, I never asked myself why he was doing it. What pushed a man to risk his life again and again? I still don't have a definitive answer to that question. Maybe it was just what he did. Like printing photos on wood is just what we do. Continue reading

  • Pictures Printed on Wood How do We Do it?

    Pictures-printed-on-woodPictures printed on wood is one way of describing what we do at WoodSnap. But it does make it sound really simple. Which it is definitely not! It's actually a pretty complex process that took our founders about a year and a half to perfect!

    How are the Pictures Printed on Wood?

    Well, I can't tell you because it's a patented process. But I can tell you that it is a complicated process that requires numerous and detailed steps. From the time that you place your order until the time your print leaves the workshop approximately 8 different people have been involved in the crafting of your picture printed on wood.

    And as a matter of fact it is Jeff's job to select the exact piece of wood that will be the best match for the aesthetic and orientation of your print. He sifts through stacks of wood every day and takes great care in his work to give you the best quality of print possible.

    The entire process of making a WoodSnap print is done in house at our workshop in Irvine, California. We are a very environmentally friendly company. We use water based ink and the wood that we use is planted and harvested specifically for construction. That's right, it's grown on farms just like Christmas trees. For every print that is purchased we plant a tree through our partnership with American Forest.

  • Heart Shaped Wood Prints Have Arrived Just in Time for Valentine's Day

    Heart shaped wood printsHeart shaped wood prints are just the beginning of the cool new things that WoodSnap is going to be rolling out in 2017! But let's take a second to give a high five to the creative team for getting this from concept to an actual product. Okay, now that that's taken care of lets get to the details of this unique wood print. Continue reading

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