MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative and WoodSnap

MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative and WoodSnapMIT & WoodSnap recently partnered up for a good cause. The MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative is a program that utilizes MIT's vast resources to find solutions to today's environmental challenges.

MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative

So what is ESI? It's an initiative to use MIT's amazing capabilities to solve environmental issues. They do this through research and education. Seems like having all of those great minds working towards a singular goal might be a good idea. Because at WoodSnap we are dedicated to making a difference. So, this is something we can definitely support. Therefore, we were honored to support this great cause.

Custom Wood Prints

WoodSnap provided very custom wood prints. This was actually a first for us. Wooden rulers with the organization's logo were provided by WoodSnap. And yes, they were functional. So they actually did work as rulers. Since we're all about customization, we are happy to take on this challenge. We've taken on a variety of projects. If you have an idea, don't be shy, contact our projects department or customer service department. We just might be able to solve your issue.

WoodSnap's Part

WoodSnap is an eco-friendly company. So we take several steps to protect the environment. First of all is our Roots for Trees program. For every WoodSnap purchased we donate one tree to be planted. Hence, we are fighting deforestation. Second of all is our wood source. Our wood comes from a farmable source. So, our wood is grown and then harvested. Finally, our inks are water-based. So as to not disturb our waterways.

We were very proud to be a part of this event and look forward to more like it in the future. If you have a project in mind, contact our projects department. Seriously, throw us a question even if your project seems complicated or out of our usual scope.