GWED and WoodSnap the Perfect Partnership

GWED and WoodSnapGWED short for the Greatest Wedding Ever Donated was introduced to me by Tiffany Au. Tiffany is the co-creator and bride in GWED. GWED is a wedding that is a charitable Gala which aims to raise awareness and funds for 5 different charities. One specialized in mental health, education, research, rare disease, and low-income families.


GWED Meets WoodSnap

Tiffany came to WoodSnap to pick up some awards printed on wood that we were donating to a charity golf tournament. Right away her magnetic energy, passion, and compassion blew me away. I felt as if I had known forever and made an instant friend. I took her on one of my famous tours of the WoodSnap campus where we got to know each other a little better. As I showed her around the ideas of future collaborations started to bloom. I was sad to say goodbye to her that day but the giant hug that she left me with somehow told me that this was just the beginning of something awesome.

Later that week she sent me pictures and videos from the event where the awards were handed out. We continued to discuss future ideas, then she mentioned GWED. It was way more than I could even grasp. I had to know more. We invited her and her future husband, Caleb to come by and tell us more about it.  Once they arrived it was clear that Caleb is just as awesome as Tiffany! We are super stoked to support GWED. If you want to be involved in this amazing and innovative event visit