Greatest Wedding Ever Donated (GWED) & WoodSnap

The greatest wedding ever donated and WoodSnapWoodSnap is a proud sponsor of The Greatest Wedding Ever Donated (GWED). We're committed to making sure that this event is as awesome as possible.

The Greatest Wedding Ever Donated

Caleb Remmington was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at a very young age. He had a life expectancy of 19. At the age of 27, he has surpassed expectations. Rather than live a life of fear he takes one day at a time. So, he proposed to his love, Tiffany Au. Hence they are facing this challenge together.

As a result of living this life, they have decided to turn their wedding into a charity gala. GWED will be open to the public at 9:00 PM for a very special benefit concert. However, if you would like to participate in all of the festivities you can purchase tickets on the GWED website. Also, please be sure to check out the donation page. %100 of the proceeds will be going to charity. And the benefiting charities are all amazing, so it is a great cause. Festivities start a 3:00 PM on May 5th.

Where WoodSnap Fits In

We at WoodSnap love the heart and soul of this event so much. We have committed ourselves to doing everything we can to make sure this is an awesome event. In part, we hope to do that by raising awareness. However, we are also running a campaign to raise funds. Use the code GWED20 at checkout and that will donate 20% of your purchase to GWED. You can check out the official listing on our Mission & Impact page.

I did a bit of research into the awesome benefiting charities from this event and I cannot stress what an eye-opening experience it has been for me. First of all for raising my knowledge and awareness. Second of all for giving me hope that people have reached out in such profound ways to help those less fortunate. I urge you to check them out as well on the GWED website.

If you're not in a place where you can make a monetary donation or even volunteer, sharing the link over social media can be huge. I think about how simply exploring the various charities raised my awareness and that's where it starts.