Environmental Defense Fund - Charity Spotlight

The Environmental Defense Fund.Whenever I get the chance I like to use our blog to throw a spotlight on a charity that I personally support. Today, I would like to discuss the Environmental Defense Fund.

The Environmental Defense Fund

First of all, what a cool name, right? I immediately picture some kind of weaponized robotic deer or hawk. Can you help me out with those visuals internet? Yes, you can. Thank you internet, you never disappoint. Second of all EDF is a highly rated charitable organization.  On charity navigator, they have a 94 out of 100 rating. That's an exceptional accomplishment for a charity of this size.

So, what do they do? Well, they have four key initiatives that they focus on in multiple ways. They focus on climate, oceans, ecosystems, and health. They work with business to develop environmentally friendly processes. And they also work with the government to form eco-friendly policies among both parties. So, Republican or Democrat it doesn't matter to them. Because whatever helps the environment is what they care about.

Furthermore, they collaborate with business leaders and innovators to develop new technologies and improve our old ones. In addition, they partner with businesses to find solutions that cut pollution and increase profits. So, this is pretty much a win all around.

This charity is one that I have donated to in the past and hope to donate to in the future. Solving our environmental issues isn't easy. It's going to take a variety of efforts and hard work. I like EDF because they seem to unify all of these varying efforts in one package. So when you're donating to them, you are making a very big impact.

WoodSnap is committed to helping the environment. It's why for every WoodSnap you purchase we plant one tree. It's why we use water-based inks and wood sourced from farmable stock that is environmentally sustainable. But sometimes we look at the task at hand and it can seem overwhelming. Which is why it's comforting to see such a huge entity like EDF fighting with us. Their efforts give us hope and we're proud to feature them in our highlight.

If you would like to help EDF, you can do so here: