Customizable Wine Lids - Product of the Week

Customizable Wine Lids by WoodSnap.Customizable wine lids are a great way to wrap a trio of wines to create a great gift set. Seriously, could you really go wrong here? You mean I get three wines AND a customized wooden box?!

Customizable Wine Lids

I'm not exactly what you would call a refined drinker, so I can't exactly offer up any advice as far as wine selection. In fact, I'm not much of a drinker at all really. Since I'm not much of a fan of alcoholic beverages, you might think I'm not qualified to comment on this. However, I am a regular gifter of alcoholic beverages. So, I am a good friend to have and I am more than qualified. Well, actually the clerk who helps my awkward self pick out a bottle of wine is qualified. However, building the skill of talking to the clerk is something I'm an expert at. And I feel that having the know how to turn that process over to a professional is commendable. So, I'm awesome. But we already knew this. So, onto our wine boxes.

Our wine boxes come in two sizes, single and triple. This way the cost of your gift can be linked to how much you like the person. Just kidding, more of a familiarity thing. You don't want to come out swinging with three bottles of wine on a first meeting. Plus I just thought of a horrifying scenario. Can you imagine gifting three bottles of wine to someone you don't know very well and their first response is:
"I'm a recovering alcoholic."
Yeah, there's no coming back from that. Turn around, get in your car because those three bottles of wine just became your three bottles of wine. Score? I've ruined this experience, I apologize. Why can't I ever just keep things nice?


I have a solution though, we do offer customizable gift boxes and keepsakes. For those friends that aren't drinkers or that you're just not sure about. And for those people in our lives that aren't wine drinkers, our wine boxes also double up as beer boxes.

Customizable Wine Lids by WoodSnap.

I take no responsibility for that beer selection. I honestly don't know what that is and I'm not going to lie to you "Blueberry Ale" sounds delicious. I'm not sure who you would gift a single bottle of beer too. But stay with me here. If you put three different beers into our triple wine box that would make for a great taste test gift. With all the breweries popping up these days and with one of our customizable wine lids, that would a great gift. Plus, the extra beers that don't go in that box are now yours. Score on that one, definitely!