Customizable Valentine's Day Gifts With Love

Customizable Valentine's day giftsI know it's early but bear with me here. WoodSnap currently has products available for customizable Valentine's Day gifts.

 Valentine's Day

I was walking through the grocery store yesterday and passed by the 'seasonal' section. You know the seasonal section of your grocery store, right? The one with the depressing amount of items of questionable quality. The seasonal section always goes up a little bit too early and lingers for just a little bit too long. Eventually, the items in the seasonal section get moved to the discount section to make room for the next batch of seasonal items.

You do not want to be in the seasonal section of the grocery store on Valentine's Day. That usually means you forgot the holiday and you are in a state of panic. You also don't want to be there after Valentine's Day, because you'll end up with a chocolate bunny or something that clearly represents the next holiday season.

Let WoodSnap help keep you out of the seasonal aisle before Valentine's Day.

Customizable Valentine's Day Gifts

We offer a variety of products that utilize the shape of the heart. Nothing says "love" as clearly and obviously as the heart shape. So, we offer a few products that fit in the Valentine's Day motif. First of all is the 12X12 heart-shaped wood print. We also offer heart-shaped magnets. Last, but certainly not least in the heart-shaped category is a 12X12 heart design print.

If you're much more of a subtle lover and don't want such a direct message, we have several other products to choose from. Check out our 16X20 name and message wood prints. Or a very simple 8X12 photo collage.


We have a variety of products to choose from to make sure that your Valentine's Day goes off without a hitch. Check out our Valentine's Day section to browse more Valentines products.