Custom Bottle Opener Makes for Great Home Decor

Custom bottle opener by WoodSnap.Initially, we thought of a custom bottle opener as a great practical decoration for a home bar or hang out area. As our customers have ordered them more and more, we're finding that they can really work any room.

Custom Bottle Opener

So, have you ever been rummaging through a drawer looking for a bottle opener? I know you know the drawer I'm talking about too. The one filled to capacity with everything that doesn't quite have a place, but needs to go somewhere. Well, we have a solution for you. Our bottle openers are great and not just for a home bar.

Our customers never cease to amaze me. When orders started rolling in for bottle openers I was surprised to see serene landscapes, family photos and company logos. The truth is at some point, everyone needs a bottle opener. Let's face it, it's more a kitchen utility than a piece of bar decor. So why not get a customizable one from WoodSnap? This way it can be both.

You'll always have a handy and readily available bottle opener and you can avoid going to "the drawer." I suppose you could clean out and organize the drawer, but roughly a month later it would once again be "the drawer."

Our Commitment to the Environment

WoodSnap has always been an environmentally conscious company. However, we're always analyzing and changing our process to better protect the planet. Part of our effort is to raise awareness. I will talk about our own methods and link to some other environmental services to turn your attention to.

First of all our wood is supplied from a farmed and sustainable source. This means that the wood for our wood prints is specifically grown to be harvested. This ensures that our product doesn't contribute to deforestation. Second of all, for every WoodSnap you purchase, we donate to plant one tree. Finally, our inks are water based to avoid polluting our water ways.

So, I'm kind of a hippy and these are some of my favorites as far as environmental help goes:
Environmental Defense Fund
Conservation International
Coral Reef Alliance

I had started to write a small excerpt on each charity but decided against it. The links provided all offer a plethora of useful information and describe what they do better than I could ever hope to.