Collage Wood Prints- When 1000 Words Just Isn't Enough

Collage wood prints by WoodSnap.Collage wood prints are perfect for highlighting your memories that need more than one image to tell the story. 

Collage Wood Prints

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if a thousand words isn't enough to tell your story? That's why we offer a variety of collages. As you probably know, the epic events of your life don't often happen in the blink of a shutter. They can take several hours and sometimes years to develope. So, sometimes one image just isn't enough. 

Our collages come in a variety of sizes and configurations. My personal favorite though is the 12X12 four image collage. A 12X12 is a nice size print. Certainly big enough to adorn a wall but small enough to be displayed on one of our desktop stands.

Collage wood prints by WoodSnap.

Of course, if you have a space to fill, you can't go wrong with a 20X30 three image collage. Which happens to currently be on sale. If you're having a difficult time deciding on your photo, take a look at our 8 image monogram collages and stand out prints. I feel like stand out prints possibly don't belong in this blog entry, because they are something entirely different. You know what? I retract that last statement, it's a collage with a twist.

We currently have several prints that feature collages currently up in our deals section. Check out that page of our website often, as we change up our sales every now and then. You might find what you're looking for for a fantastic price, or it could turn your attention to a product you never knew existed that's awesome. Perhaps you could also stop by this blog every so often to see what I'm rambling about next.