Father's Day

  • WoodSnap has New Wood Frames!

    New Wood Frames for Your Prints on WoodA New Look for Your Prints on Wood

    We have new wood frames for your prints. Check out our selection of handcrafted Italian wood frames. Available in Charcoal Black or Walnut Brown. Because of the choice of colors they'll match just about any photo or artwork that you have. Continue reading

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    WoodSnap Bottle Opener

    WoodSnap is now offering personalized state designs for our wall mounted bottle openers. Choose from all 50 states of the United States! Continue reading

  • Personalized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

    personalized wall mounted bottle opener

    We are excited to add a personalized wall mounted bottle opener to our WoodSnap lineup.  You can customize it with a photo, saying, brand, whatever you want! It's printed with sustainable water-based inks on 3/4" birch wood.  The bottle opener is made out of zinc alloy with a satin finish for a clean look. Continue reading

  • You can print art on WoodSnaps!

    iphone tink photo

    Did you think that WoodSnap was just for photography? You can pretty much print any digital file onto wood.  Whether it's an image, vector file or even a drawing! I recently received some drawings from a niece of mine. I keep every morsel of artwork she sends me. In fact I have an entire drawer full of her drawings and letters! I decided it's a good time to get some out of the drawer and get them made into wood prints! Continue reading

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  • WoodSnap Gift Certificates Give Joy

    Why not buy  that difficult a WoodSnap Gift Certificate and let them decided for themselves?

    Let your friends and family decide what they want. Give the power of choice back with gift certificates. Learn more when you visit WoodSnap.com Give WoodSnap Gift Certificates!

    WoodSnap Gift Certificate is perfect when faced with the challenging task of shopping for your friends and family members, especially if their nitpicky. This will save you time and money. Let them have the joy of shopping for themselves for a change. Your friends know what's best for them, so let them go wild!

    It will take away the stress of giving to people who are very hard to please. For them it’s not the thought that counts, it’s most definitely the gift. So you do not have to wonder what do you do in these situations anymore. You do not have to ask yourself what you can buy for a person who has never been happy with any gift that you bought for them!

    I think this is the perfect gift for parents. Most parents don’t spend any money on themselves. Most of it goes to bills and providing for the family. Being a parent, it’s a primitive instinct to always put your child's needs before your own. It’s a natural thing. This Father's Day give back a little. Spend some time with your Father and let him know how much he’s made an impact in your life. Visit WoodSnap.com today and get your Gift Certificates. Give more and take less. WoodSnap, "Your Memories Ingrained".

  • Wood Photo Gifts for Dad

    Show your Father how much he means to you! Create your very own wood photo gift today!  

    Give your father a gift he can remember for years to come.  Visit WoodSnap.com to learn more about discounts and father's day wood gifts The Best Gifts for Father's Day

    Guest Blogger: Amitbt

    Before learning about Wood Photo Gifts, it’s best that you find out what the best gifts for Father’s Day are. You can utilize Woodsnap as way of honoring him, you can give something that is useful for both his work and at home. Cooking his favorite meal, watching movies or his favorite sports shows. Even the simply greeting of “ Happy Father’s Day” is enough to make him feel proud.

    Father’s Day was fist observed on July 5th, 1908? Yes, it was established after Mother’s Day became a national holiday. Honoring Mother’s inspired one citizen to continue the crusade. He believed it was the time to honor all the fathers in the world. It took time before its observance was established and was being approved to be a holiday in some parts of the world. Today it’ll all be useless if you will not let your father feel special on this special day. Why not have your family photos printed on wood.

    You can preserve the precious photos you have together. Your family photos on wood will make the perfect gift for father’s day. It’s a given that fathers play an important roll in our lives. This is he perfect way to say thank you.

  • Best Father's Day Gift Idea

    This Father's Day give your Dad a custom wood print! 

    Give your father the best gift he's ever received! Get your wood gifts from WoodSnap.com now! The best gifts come from the heart!

    Guest blogger: Amitbt

    Looking for the Best Father's Day Gift Idea this year? We can help.

    The days are swiftly passing and before it reaches the festive season, we have another great holiday to celebrate. The month of May was dedicated to all the hard working mothers. For the month of June, everyone is looking forward to celebrating with the head of the family. Men may be looked upon as the main authority that imposes the rules. However, behind their strict personality they have always had a soft spot for their loved ones.

    It may be one of the classic wood gifts that you can give to your father, but your family photos will make it even more special. Show your love and respect for the Man who never gave up when it came to supporting and guiding you. Even though our Father’s can be strict, what he does everyday to make sure your comfortable is enough to describe how much he cares for you.

    There’s so many gift ideas that you can search for online. You can go for the doing-it-yourself gifts, or you can purchase some big expensive product that all the father’s around the world will surely love. However, it still depends on your father’s personality. If you know that your father is someone who appreciates the simplest thing that you give them, then one of your family photos printed on wood is the way to go.

    If you’re just be learning about this today, the process of printing on wood has become very popular over the last couple of years. These wood prints are timeless pieces to behold. Surprise your father with the Best Father's Day Gift Idea!

  • Keep Memories Safe with WoodSnap

    Keep Memories Safe with WoodSnap! Start your very own collection of photos printed on wood today! 

    Start your very own collection of wood prints today when you visit WoodSnap.com! Get started your custom wood prints today! Preserve your precious memories on wood!

    Guest Blogger: Amitbt

    Some moments are worth treasuring forever so you want to keep your memories safe. The best memories are the ones you’ll always remember and share with others. However, sometimes you tend to forget these special moments. Today, as technology advances, there are ways you can preserve these special moments in your life. Cameras can be used to capture your favorite moments and you can have these moments printed. The new way of preserving great moments is by printing your family photos on wood.

    Keep Memories Safe

    Out of all the photos you have in your home, I’m sure you have one that’s your favorite. As expected, it’s your family photos that make you laugh every time you look at them. Young people might get embarrassed when their elders get sentimental over these photos. They’re precious to them. However, with time, young people will understand why their grandparents and their parents have taken care of these photos with all their hearts.

    Do you know about wood printing?

    Wood printing is a technique that allows you to embed your images into a wooden canvas.

    In terms of quality, photos printed on wood can last for years. They’re perfect for preserving your timeless photos. Prints on wood are presented with vibrant colors and durability. These wood prints can be a sensation to your home décor. You can have a portrait, landscape or a custom size to be displayed in your favorite space. You can get a quality wood print at a reasonable price. Therefore, there’s no reason for you to not have this great printing technique done to all of your photos.

    The quality is phenomenal and the prices can’t be beat. Other than just preserving it in photo albums, why not have it displayed so that everyone can see it? Aside from having a home décor essential, did you know that it also makes a great gift? That’s right! Give your loved ones something special and create a personalized WoodSnap for them!

  • Perfect For Dad

    Father's Day is almost here! Get started on the perfect gift now! 

    Father's Day is right around the corner. Give your Dad the best gift ever by creating your very own custom wood prints. Learn more when you visit WoodSnap.com Give your Dad the best gift ever!

    Guest Blogger: TwoCakes

    WoodSnap Wood Prints are perfect for Dad because getting the same type of gift each year is so monotonous. If so, you may want to ditch the tie, electronics and power tool gift ideas. This year have a personalized wooden gift made for your Dad. A custom wood print is the type of gift that Dad will long remember as he’ll be able to take a look at it each day where its hanging on the wall of his office or the living area at home. If this sounds like a good idea and you’re planning to order your Dad a personalized wood print, check out these tips to picking the perfect photos for your gift in order to make sure it looks amazing.

    Choose a photo

     Since the images you use for your Father’s Day gift will be the main focus of the piece, you’ll want to make sure you pick the right photos. For this particular occasion, a wood print of dad with all his kids and/ or grandchildren is ideal. You can go with a newer image to preserve the memory of that day or select an older picture to bring back memories of days past. If you can’t find a picture of Dad with all of his children, you could always create a custom photo collage of wood prints with individual pictures. This is usually recommended if you and your siblings live far apart.


    Photo quality

    When choosing a photo to have printed on wood for Dad, It’s important to consider the quality of the image. Make sure that the photo is not too blurry, too dark or over exposed so it will look good once it’s printed onto the wood. Photos that don’t have too much detail are also best so the wood print wont look cluttered and will instead draw the eye to the people in the image.


    Make it a perfect Father's Day for Dad this year with WoodSnap! 

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