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  • Pursuit of Portraits x Instagramers Seattle

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    We are so excited to team up with Pursuit of Portraits again! It's their first time in the Pacific Northwest. So all of you Portland and Seattle portrait loving people get ready to have a great time! This is a great way to connect with each other. Saturday at Discovery Park 3 PM. The weather is going to be nice, 65 and 0% chance of rain!

    Coasters we will be giving away at the meet!
  • International Jazz day is April 30th!


    WoodSnap International Jazz Day


    Hey! did you know April 30th is International Jazz Day? I didn't either! It's actually a pretty cool holiday. We're celebrating by creating some unique hex coasters with our favorite jazz musicians printed right on them! If you're a music lover, you should too! Queue up some Ella, Nina, Louis, or Duke and let the party begin!

    Each year at the end of April this international art form is recognized for promoting peace, diversity, respect for human rights and promoting freedom of expression. It was created in 2011 by the United Nations. International Jazz Day brings people together to celebrate and learn about jazz and its roots and raise awareness for the need for intercultural dialogue and mutual respect.

  • Earth Day 2016

    @rawy.fla @rawy.fla


    John McConnell was the first to propose an Earth Day concept, but it was Senator Gaylord Nelson a democrat from Wisconsin who was the catalyst in raising awareness about protecting the environment. On April 22, 1970, rallies were held in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, DC and Los Angeles as well as many college campuses across the country. Continue reading

  • New Artists at Focal Point

    April - Union Market 'Focal Point' Photographers

    The April 2016 Artists Are Here!

    We are happy to announce the newest artists to be featured at Focal Point. Focal Point is a permanent exhibit spot at Union Market in Tustin where we feature a new group of local artists every month. If you are a photography connoisseur you should come by and check it out. Continue reading

  • National Beer Day!


    national beer day at woodsnap

    National Beer Day is today! Well, okay it's not an official holiday (not yet anyway) but it is recognized nationwide by beer enthusiasts! April 7, 1933 was marked the first day in 13 years that people in the United States could buy sell and drink beer. People across the country lined up outside of breweries the night before on April 6(known as New Beers' Eve.)

    What goes with beer on National Beer Day? Chips, pizza? Sure but you should start your party with a set of our unique wood coasters! We have square and hexagon versions to allow your creative ideas go crazy!

  • Buy One Get One Free 11x14!

    Buy One Get One Free 11x14

    We are listening to your suggestions! The WoodSnap team is busy coming up with great deals to offer you guys! For this following week (Ends 4-11-16) we have 11x14 wood prints on sale. Buy one 11x14 for someone and you can get one for yourself! Use the CODE: BOGO at checkout. It's a great time to add more wall art or redecorate. Why not try out some new ideas? WoodSnap prints always make perfect gifts too. Continue reading

  • 16x20 Sale! Take $100 off! No Fooling!


    Perfect size for any room in your home! Bring your adventures home with you!

    This isn't a joke!

    We really are offering a 16x20 wood print for $58.95! (Offer good until April 4th 12PM PST. Frame is not included in the price). It's understandable that you may think it's a joke due to the timing, but I assure you it isn't! You can get photographs, artwork, marriage certificates, diplomas, almost anything printed on wood. This is one of our most popular wood print sizes! Details in photographs actually look the best on our larger sizes. It really takes advantage of our printing process, where clarity and vibrance really shine! Print something new, order some now.

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