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  • How to Create the Best Halloween WoodSnap

    Learn how to Create the Best Halloween WoodSnap here!! 


    A WoodSnap is perfect for everything, from creating your own stylized collage to  putting your kids and their costumes this Halloween. Speaking of costumes here are some awesome ideas to enhance your Trick or Treat look this year!

    Find a Friend: A partner in crime will definitely make the night a ton more fun. I mean what's the worst that can happen?


    Don't Overspend: Some of the best costumes come when you use your creativity plus why are you going to spend over $50 at Party City for an undersized pirate costume?


    Makeup Makeup Makeup: It works miracles everyday.


    ... well sort of.

    Don't Forget the Treats: How dare you!


    And lastly don't forget to take pictures: They make for the best WoodSnap!


  • Try Our New Fall Hexagon Collection

    This is seriously one of the best deals thus far! We are now offering our Fall Hexagon Collection for only $45.00!

    hexagon-travel-europe-collection-woodsnap (1)

    This season try our killer Fall Hexagon Collection! The possibilities are endless in 2015 with some of the grandest technological advances: self lacing shoes, balancing hoverboards, and well selfies. With all these new gadgets and what not there is no doubt that you can create the most innovative hexagon wood print collection. Yea, take it as a challenge. I challenge all you to make the most impressive collection before the year ends! And then post it and then tag us. We love seeing what you guys come out with and getting to know what you guys are all about.

    The cool thing  about these little guys is they are small enough to have on your desk or wall space. The fact that they are geometrically inclined adds for a ridiculously modern look without even trying. WoodSnap speaks for the trees by using only water-based, sustainable inks. You have GOT TO SEE our wood prints in person! They have a beautiful matte finish and no post-coat lacquer! We even encourage our customers to put WoodSnap to the test by scrubbing their wood print with a scouring pad and dish soap. We are very proud to have perfected the science of creating a durable, vibrant, sustainable product that is now enjoyed by thousands of people and businesses. You will also be thrilled to know that the birch wood we use to print your photo on wood is farmed much like Christmas trees. This means NO deforestation. On top of that, WoodSnap created a partnership with American Forest called “Roots For Trees” to give back to the environment. For every WoodSnap you create, we plant a tree!The collection is ever growing so your love for your memories is too! This fall let WoodSnap capture all your Instagram photography or your selfies on our Fall Hexagon Collection.


  • Humberto Dominguez @salopalo for WoodSnap Selects

    As we venture into our WoodSnap Selects series we are coming across some awesome WoodSnap customers such as Humberto Dominguez @salopalo on Instagram.


    The Ecuadorian Brooklyn Native @salopalo has always been attracted to abstract art and painting. One can tell that he is a high intellectual by the sophistication of the his art and prose. He serves his community as an immigration attorney in a non-profit setting and  expresses himself through his Instagram due to time constraints. He meshes deconstructed photography into "a painterly theme infused with geometry." It is highly influenced by architecture and his creativity allows him to use an ipad and apps for these masterpieces. The surrealist storyteller evokes the work from painter Rene Margritte. He recently ordered a WoodSnap from us featured above of his daughter. Most of the prints ordered from us are have extremely sentimental value. You have GOT TO SEE our wood prints in person! They have a beautiful matte finish and no post-coat lacquer! We even encourage our customers to put WoodSnap to the test by scrubbing their wood print with a scouring pad and dish soap. We are very proud to have perfected the science of creating a durable, vibrant, sustainable product that is now enjoyed by thousands of people and businesses. Humberto Dominguez writes long prose along with his images. Not only can he curate amazing art and prose but you can also catch his phenomenal photography @incredible_shot on Instagram. Stay tuned for our future features because you don't know who will be next!

    Catch one of his tutorials here.

  • WoodSnap Weekly Deal: 3 - 10x24 Piece Multi Panel

    WoodSnap Weekly Deal: 3 Piece Multi Panel 10x24  Collection. Now you can get one image across 3 WoodSnap Panels for over $200 off!


    Yes you heard right! Now you can get over $200 off some of the most innovative wall art out here.  All of our WoodSnaps are printed with sustainable water-based inks on 3/4" birch wood. They are heat & water resistant, you can use a wet rag and wipe it off. White ink is not printed, this allows for the natural wood grain to show through the image. Each wood print will vary in wood grain; no two wood prints will look alike, making them unique. You have GOT TO SEE our wood prints in person! They have a beautiful matte finish and no post-coat lacquer! We even encourage our customers to put WoodSnap to the test by scrubbing their wood print with a scouring pad and dish soap. We are very proud to have perfected the science of creating a durable, vibrant, sustainable product that is now enjoyed by thousands of people and businesses. All of your panels include two mounting screws for easy hanging and they are all made & handcrafted in the U.S.A. Covered by our 100% Love Guarantee. Please see our return policy for more details. If our team of expert designers have any concerns with your image(s), you will be notified.

  • WoodSnap Weekend Deal: Extra 10% Off!

    For our WoodSnap Weekend Deal get an additional 10% off! We also have our special offer on our 18x24's this week!


    Hello WoodSnappers! We are happy to announce our latest WoodSnap Weekend Deal today and that is an extra 10% off the already 35%  storewide discount. This means you can get up to 45% off all personalized prints!

    If that isn't enough we are also excited to tell you that our Weekly Deal extends all the way through the weekend as well. You can now get an 18x24 for more than 50% off the original price. Nothing is worse than entering a living room with four white walls. It screams, “I’m boring! ” The truth is, you’re not boring, so neither should your walls be! An 18x24 photo printed on wood wakes up a bland wall with vibrant colors and unique woodgrain! No two photographs on wood are alike. That’s a good thing! Lets celebrate our differences and show the world we are not boring but alive with color!

    Get started on your latest wall decorating this weekend or even on some early Christmas gifts! You won't be disappointed with our 100% LOVE Guarantee. We are WoodSnap. ''The Original Print on Wood Company."

  • Photographer of the Week: Michael Weidemann

    Photographer of the Week: Michael Weidemann  (@ScissorTailStories). 

    Michael's photography is sleek, minimal and bright. His photos capture your eye with his pops of color and photographic storytelling. You can find him under Scissor Tail Stories online which is a representation of Oklahoma. WoodSnap got a chance to capture a glimpse into his photography and background. He started taking photographs on his senior trip in Boston where his dad lent him a DSLR camera.

    "I fell in love with taking photos as I roamed the city and the amazing architectural designs [sic] ... I was hooked and immediately bought my first camera" - Michael Weidemann

    His most memorable moment was capturing an iced over field in West Texas last December at sunset. According to him the warmth of the sky contrasted with the cool ice over the plants, which created the perfect balance. The photo was just as memorable as the ice storm he apparently got stuck in afterwards.

    "I was stuck driving in one of the worst ice storms in the area, it was truly a terrifying experience but it summed up photography for me: to get the shot no one else will get, you have to go and do what no one else will do." Michael Weidemann

    It is amazing how far photography can take people and how far people are willing to go for the art and their passion. There is nothing like watching people decide to pursue their passion especially before it became one of the biggest trends out here. It is admirable for someone to go so far as to sit in an ice storm to get their shot- it is true determination. We are sure he has tons more of these stories and if you want to see more you should definitely follow him on Instagram @scissortailstories. We go through tons and tons of photographer with different styles and we love to come across gems. The Oklahoma native plans to take his native style everywhere the lense takes him. Yes he is available to do your photography WoodSnappers! Check out his website

    Thank you Mr. Weidemann for the awesome Snaps. WoodSnap. ''The Original Print on Wood Company."

    FullSizeRender (9)

  • WoodSnap Selects: James Manning

    Check out this week's WoodSnap Selects: James Manning with

    The environmentalist photographer has made it to our WoodSnap Selects section this week! His love for nature derives from his upbringing in Michigan where he went on backpack trips that aided his reverence for his natural surroundings. His passion for the land is hereditary, he comes from a conservationist background. He started his photographic journey at the age of eleven and now his daily profession is this passion. Currently James is a farmer and community member of the Hudson Valley in New York. We are more than happy to share his story because we consider our company to be eco-friendly with our Roots For Trees campaign and our non-toxic inks.

    "James Manning's photography is now about more than just capturing the beauty of a moment, of a place. It is a compelling visual plea to others to appreciate and protect our wild places and to support farmers that thoughtfully care for the land. It is from this vision that the Shutter Stewardship Project came into being. Each photograph sold, directly supports the preservation of our wild places and farmland."

    Check out his website at if you would like to know more about his Shutter Steward Project or go to Above you can also see the WoodSnap prints he did as he loves the land through his camera lense.

  • Now Introducing WoodSnap Chalkboard Prints!

    Yes! We are excited to introduce our new product, WoodSnap Chalkboard Prints! 

    WoodSnap Chalkboard Prints!

    Express yourself! We're taking your custom photos, a chalkboard and framing them together to create our most personalized product yet! The chalkboard wood print is perfect to display your to do list, weekly verse or simply let the kid's doodle! Get creative now and customize your world with a chalkboard wood print! Take advantage of the opportunity that WoodSnap has for you this weekend! As a special introductory feature we are giving away free gift wrap on all sizes and yes this also stacks with our weekly deal! This means you can also get free shipping!! Take advantage of this fabulous deal and get this new and exciting WoodSnap product now. You have go to see this in person! They are also perfect for those "first day of school" posts every mom loves to share with her friends and family. It's on WoodSnappers get creative, have fun, and enjoy your new chalkboard prints! Sincerely, WoodSnap, "the original print on wood company."

  • WoodSnap Photographer of the Week: Rawy Rayan

    For our WoodSnap Photographer of the Week we present Rawy Rayan.

    We have gotten the pleasure to talk to Rawy where he opened up to us about his start as photographer and what that really means to him. On Instagram you may know him as @rawy.fla, which is actually a tribute to the state of Florida where he was born and raised. The arabian descendant's wanderlust comes from all his trips to the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Europe growing up.

    "I'm all about traveling, I just wanna see as much as I can. To witness how the rest of the world functions on a personal level is pretty dope to me." Rawy Rayan

    When WoodSnap asked him how it was that he really got started as a photographer he simply determined that it was his passion and his keenness for perception.

    "My passion is documenting the world around me. I've been visually stimulated and inspired from the very start, I feel with a hundred percent certainty if it wasn't for my  purchase of my iPhone 5 in 2012, I would never have started taking photos. After seeing what I could do with my smartphone I had ideas and visuals that I just wanted to bring to life. Once I discovered photography I purchased my first camera and haven't stopped documenting everything that caught my eye since then." Rawy Rayan

    His most memorable moment as a photographer was when he realized he could monetize from his intuitive passion, which has lead him to the successful photographer he is.

    "This isn't my career, this is my passion, my hobby. I never started taking photos to make money. You can't do things purely based on money.. You'll never make quality work that way. I just wanted to share my vision, to hold a story behind each capture and make people viewing my photos feel. I once made a couple bucks selling a digital copy of a photo that I took, and at that very moment I realized that I could make money from this and it opened up another side of photography." Rawy Rayan

    It is clear that his passion resonates through every capture There is something exquisitely exciting  about his modern street photograhy. He seems to capture the sophistication of city life along with bringing out the beauty in its grimy parts as well. It takes a unique vision to accomplish the angles and style he executes. Check more of his photography out on Instagram @rawy.fla!

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