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  • Make the Perfect Wedding Gift

    Visit to get started on your own custom prints on wood today!

    Wedding gifts are essential when your tying the knot with spouse. Ingrain your favorite wedding photos on wood . Weddings & Wedding Gifts

    Make the perfect wedding gift for your favorites couples with WoodSnap!

    One of my good friends from college just tied the knot with the love of his life last weekend. I wasn't able to attend but I've been hearing great things from my friends who did. It was a magical and inspiring event. Family members of the bride and groom came from all around the world to be apart of this wedding. They traveled from places like Dubai, Egypt and India bringing their love and support.

    This wasn't your traditional wedding. John and his family come from a different culture. They do things differently than most couples getting married in America. Instead of the Father of the bride walking her down the isle, the young bride was carried in on a horseback. It's essential that the horse is white. John anchored the horse as the religious leader read off sacred passages from the bible.  After the ceremony, the bride and groom were showered with wedding gifts. The mountain of gifts had to be carried in a U-Haul back to the house.

    In my opinion, the best wedding gifts come from within your spouse. John and his wife always knew that they would be married one day. This was an arranged marriage. Neither of them had been in a serious relationship before nor had they experienced any intimate relations. That is beautiful. Wedding gifts dont always have to be bought at the store or ordered out of a magazine. Being able to share so much with your loved one is rare. I wish them the best. I've extended WoodSnap services to the family and told them that I would have their photos printed on wood as my wedding gift to them. Picture perfect. WoodSnap, " Your Memories Ingrained".

  • Celebrating Memorial Day

    Thank a Veteran Today with wood prints from 

    WoodSnap encourages your to reach out and thank a veteran today! I This picture displays the american flag. The flag that so many  of our soldiers died protecting. Memorial Day is a day to reflect. Thank You!

    Celebrating Memorial Day isn't just about having the day off from work and cooking out in your backyard. Memorial day is a time to reflect. A time to appreciate your freedom and everything that's around you. Our freedom came with a price and that should never be forgotten.

    Memorial day, originally called Decoration day, is a day of remembrance of those who have died in service of the United States of America. Over the years this holiday has been known as a day to honor everybody who has served, or is serving this country. As a team, we encourage our followers to thank our veterans and the men and women who are actively serving.

    Create custom wood prints in honor of those who serve this country. There is at least one person in every family that has served or is now serving. Make it a point to let them know how much you appreciate their dedication. Wood prints make the perfect gift for every occasion. Ingrain your memories today when you visit We are WoodSnap,"Your Memories Ingrained."

  • Custom Made Presents

    Save big when you shop with! Start your collection of custom wood prints today! 

    Custom wood prints make your photos that much more special. Create beautiful works of art when you visit Get started now! Custom wood prints are fun for everyone!

    What's cooler than getting custom made presents done? Is there anything? I can only think of couple things; Family treasure's passed down through generations ..and artifacts like Thor's Hammer from ancient civilization. I happen to find these things unique and interesting but custom work still holds the number one spot. Custom work is a unique addition to any original work of art. That being said, custom wood prints make great gifts for any occasion.

    Shopping for men can be just as complicated as shopping for women. Its a challenge trying to figure out what you can buy that'll blow him away. You can try online or you go out looking for the "perfect gift". But what does the perfect gift look like? How will your know that its the perfect gift for them?

    In my opinion, the perfect gift is always something that comes from the heart. It's personal. The perfect gift must draw positive emotions out of the person who's receiving it. That's why we encourage our followers to create their own custom wood prints. These wood prints are special. Each custom wood print we sell has its very own unique fingerprint. This adds value to your prints and makes them 100% original. Create a picture collage of your favorite moments with your old man and let us print it on wood. Your favorite photos will be relived. Get started now on your custom wood prints today and save 35% on your order! WoodSnap, " Your Memories Ingrained".

  • Thoughtful Gifts with WoodSnap

    Visit and get started on your custom wood photo gifts today! 


    Create thoughtful gifts with WoodSnap even for those unexpected people in our lives.

    Everybody has their own list of things that they're not good at. I can admit mine with no problem. I am not good at a lot of the things that a man should be. For example, I know nothing about cars. I don't know how any of  the parts function, I can/' change my own oil, and don't even bother to ask me how to fix a flat tire. The only thing I can do is drive them really recklessly and call AAA to unlock the doors when I lock myself out. : )

    That is why we have mechanics. You know those guys who can't give you a straight answer to why your car keeps leaking oil. Yeah, those guys. Even though negotiating prices can be a pain in the muffler, mechanics have saved my hide numerous times. When I find one who I can trust, I make sure he knows his honesty and hard work is appreciated. When I go to see him I make sure I bring him lunch or something small that will make his day. The last time I got my brakes fixed I gave my mechanic a wood photo gift. It was a stock image of a classic Ford truck. Why not? Wood photo gifts are amazing.

    A wood photo gift shows him that he went above and beyond. My mechanic loves it! You can show that special someone how much you appreciate what they do with a wood photo gift from WoodSnap. Get started now! WoodSnap, " Your Memories Ingrained."

  • Exclusive Wood Art

    Browse our gallery of stock wood art for ideas on your next purchase!

    Order custom wood photo prints online at WoodSnap. Upload and print wood photos from Instagram, Facebook, and more to create beautiful works of wood art the beauty of wood art

    Hey! Hey! Hey! Don't leave our website without saying goodbye or exclusive wood art! But more importantly, don't leave the site without checking out the stock wood art. We know that everyone is unique in there own way. That's why we like to give our audience plenty of options to choose from. If you don't want to print your family photos right now, you can go with something simple. Try our stock wood art . Wood Art has not been done like this before. You can find your favorite people, artist, celebrities and more when you browse the wood art gallery.

    I've always had respect for those who've inspired me to be great. I look up to video directors like Hype Williams, Spike Jonze and Collin Tilly. Their dedication and passion towards their art is uplifting. I've watched hours of content about them and those who have inspired them to be great. If there's an opportunity to purchase any wood art of their work, I wouldn't hesitate. I'm a huge fan. I would hang their wood art in my office or work space.

    If you don't want to print your family photos right now, you can go with something simple. Try our stock wood art. Wood art has not been done like this before! You can find your favorite people. artist, celebrities and more when you browse the wood art gallery. Get started now


  • Custom Photo Collage

    Order your custom photo collage today!

    Custom photo collages are a great way to showcase all your favorite photos on wood. Learn more when you visit create your very own custom photo collage today!

    Printing your photos on wood could't be any easier with a custom photo collage. All you have to do is find your favorite photos, upload them to, and before you know it your package is at your doorstep. We take pride in our speedy service and our commitment to pleasing customers. Every time I read one of the reviews from our buyers, it puts a smile on my face.

    It's a great feeling knowing that your service is making other people happy. The best part about shopping with WoodSnap is the different styles and layouts you have to choose from. My favorite product is the custom photo collage. They are is where you can really get creative with your photos. We encourage you to take advantage of our 12x12 - 8 image collage print. You can fill eight spaces with 6x6 prints of any kind.

    The custom photo collage is perfect for someone like me. I have a hard time deciding what photo I want to print. With the custom photo collage you can print all your favorite photos. You don't have to leave any of your photos behind.  You can never go wrong with a custom photo collage. Visit and get started now! WoodSnap, " Your Memories Ingrained"

  • Turn what you love into art with WoodSnap!

    Get started on your collection of photos printed on wood with WoodSnap today!

    WoodSnap loves to share stories with our follwers! Visit and learn how you can create custom works of art. Get started now! Love food..Love WoodSnap

    Turn what you love into art!

    If you're anything like me, then you're a food fanatic! I love food and everything that comes with it. I was blessed with a fast metabolism and I can easily put down eight meals a day . The richness of flavors, the smell of goodness, the warm ambiance of a restaurant, maybe a little music playing, and that's my idea of a perfect night.

    In this day in age, young people can't go too long without taking a selfie or posting something on social media. It's become apart of us. I love food and I love taking photos. When I have a hot plate in front of me, the first thing I do is say my prayers. I give thanks for this food I am about to eat, and then I take twenty photos of my meal. I know that I'm not the only one that does this. Now the question is, what do you do with all these photos of great looking food?

    I've got a great idea! Get your favorite photos printed on wood! What's cooler than that? Turn what you love into art! We have to embrace the fact that we are food fanatics and share our love for great tasting treats with the rest of the world. Who cares if they don't understand us. We understand each other! Having your photos printed on wood is like having the best of both worlds. It reminds me of eating Italian food with a great tasting wine on the side. Its heaven! Have your photos printed on wood!  Visit today and save up 35% on all wood prints.

  • Starting Your Collection of Memories with WoodSnap

    Start your collection of WoodSnap Custom Wood Prints today! Gets started now!

    WoodSnap loves to encourage our audience to be creative. In this picture is a group of custom prints on wood developed by our customers. Find our more when you visit create custom wood prints today!

    When you are starting your collection of memories with WoodSnap, it is a good idea to set goals. Just like any other form of art, it is important to figure out what message you're trying to get across to the audience. What's the point of what you're showing? What are you trying to say? Every once in a while, I take a trip down to the production warehouse. This is where all the magic happens. I get to look into someone else's world through custom wood prints. My favorite prints to look at are ones that tell a story.

    Story telling is an art form. It gives the audience a chance to experience different points in time or new worlds created by the story teller. The custom wood prints I saw today were taken in point of view fashion. This photographer hands and feet were in the picture and its like we are seeing the world through his eyes. He took photos of his girlfriend at key moments throughout the week. The story started in the bedroom. It was morning and the lady in the picture was already having a bad hair day. Her hair was going in all directions as she held a note that read "Monday". The second custom print was of the lady sitting in traffic with note that read "Tuesday". There were seven 6x6 personalized wood prints in all that told a story of a bad work week.

    Custom wood prints are fun for everyone! There is no limit to the things you can create with WoodSnap. Get started on the the perfect gift for a loved one or print your best photography on wood. They are unique and long lasting. Start creating some wall space now.

  • Print Your Family Photos on Wood

    Photos printed on wood make great gifts! Save when you visit 

    WoodSnap prints family photos on wood for everyone! Learn more when you visit Ingrained your precious memories on sustainable, long lasting wood.

    When you print your family photos on wood you take make those memories tangible.

    Taking family photos are a great way to remember the special moments that you've spent with the people closest to you. When I was a kid, taking family photos was the worst thing next to going to the hair salon with my mother...or eating broccoli. I hate broccoli! To show you how much I hate family photos, I'd rather eat broccoli in a hair salon while waiting for my mother. I despised family photos because I had to get dressed up in uncomfortable clothes, fake a smile, and act like I loved my sisters. It was very awkward for me.

    As I grew older, I loosened up a little more. I actually learned to like my sisters. I don't mind waiting at the hair salon for my mother to be finished, anymore and I started to like the broccoli. Family photos are now a fun task for me because I was the one taking the picture. I've become a efficient photographer and by being able to take my own family photos, I was able to save my family tons of money over the years.

    Now that I have a family of my own, I can keep the tradition going. Instead of regular prints, I have my family photos printed on wood at Wood prints are the new medium for printing your photos. This is a huge deal. Every photo printed on wood is 100% unique, and original. Not to mention that you can frame these bad boys and start your own collection of wood prints.  By printing your family photos on wood, you can ingrain those special moments for years to come. Act fast and get exclusive discounts for your custom wood prints. May the force be with you! Yes I said it, I random quote from Star Wars ; -) WoodSnap, " Your Memories Ingrained"

  • Innovative Wall Space Decorations

    Save when you print your photos on wood with WoodSnap today! 

    Photos on wood are a unique way to archive your favorite photos for years to come.  Start your collection of photos on wood when you visit Get started now! Stand out with a personalized photos on wood from WoodSnap

    I've always stood out, and I've never wanted to fit in that is why I have been looking out for the most innovative wall space decorations.

    I don't purposely cry for attention to try to stand out, it's just the way it is. I've made peace with it and embrace this as apart of my personality. That being said, in most cases, I'm the quietest one in the room. I like to listen and observe the world around me.  This has always made me the center of attention whether I liked it or not. People get curious about the guy who barely speaks. Who is this guy? Where is he from? and why is he so quiet.

    Before I open my mouth to talk, some people have already made assumptions based on what they see. They see a young, black man, with piercing eyes, who barley smiles or speaks to anyone. When I actually do get some words out, people are surprised. It turns out that I'm actually the opposite of what they've perceived. So I think to myself, this is what is must feel like to be a WoodSnap.

    Photos on wood from WoodSnap are very unique. They have their own personality and every wood print is original. They don't speak, but the imagery and quality is worth a thousand words. Our photos on wood absolutely stand out and people are curious is to what's so special about these wood prints, why should they buy one? Photos on wood are a long-lasting and durable product. Why shouldn't you buy one? We love to educate our audience on why photos on wood are special and will make the perfect gift for any occasion. Until you start thinking outside of the box, you are in the dark. Instead, bring light into your favorite space by printing your most precious photos on wood. You will be blown away by the amount of craftsmanship that goes into these wood prints! Start your collection of photos for the most innovative wall space decorations today! WoodSnap, " Your Memories Ingrained".

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