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  • Print Wood Photos for Mom

    Mother's Day-Pictures on wood Give it up to the hero moms of today!

    Jaz Arreola

    I remember shaking in my boots hiding underneath the dining room table, while my mother ran after me yelling. I tried to dodge my mother’s arms and red fingernails while she reached to grab me for a spanking. I had been lighting matches underneath my bed. I was five years old at the time. My mother never spanked me too hard but spanked me hard enough when I did something unacceptable.

    Raising a child is a huge responsibility and a very crucial one. Figuring out the balance between how and what to teach your child can be quite arduous.

    Tonya Graham made a decision when she saw her 16 year-old son on television this week throwing rocks at police officers during the Baltimore riots. Graham quickly made her way to the riot, grabbed her son and repeatedly slapped him across the head, escorting him away from the crowd.

    This video of Graham beating her son, soon became a viral sensation and quite a controversy while questions arose.  Did she do the right thing by hitting her child across the head multiple times on national T.V.?

    Many concur with the discipline she exhibited. Arrest and possible jail time may have occurred to her son if “hero mom” wouldn't have stepped in and saved him.

    Whatever your mother’s technique in raising you was, let’s give it up to them and print photos on wood with WoodSnap this Mother’s Day. Not only because it’s necessary but because you’re great, thanks to them.  Print wood photos on wood to all your Tonya Grahams and hero moms that will do anything to protect their bear cubs.

  • The Locket Wood Print

    Our new locket wood print is now available. Get your mother a locket wood print this Mother's Day. Get Started at Lock this baby up in your shopping cart this Mother's Day!

    Jaz Arreola

    Just in time for Mother's Day, our new locket wood print is finally here! Two vibrant 6x6 wood blocks latched to perfection. Add this to your cart for Mother’s Day or for yourself.  It’s small but loud and can stand on your shelf or desk. It won’t be hard to notice.

    Print two pictures on a locket wood print of your dog from when it was a puppy to an adult. Or be divergent and print two different photos that are unrelated but special to you.

    For Mother's Day, choose a picture of yourself as a young child and another as an adult. Tears will flow down your mother’s cheeks when she sees the locket WOOD PRINT and realizes how wonderful being your mother has been.

    This two in one exclusive locket wood print, is not only a wood print but a symbolism of union.  A union of memories ingrained on wood.  Like carving words on a tree, a WoodSnap print carves memories to keep.

    The locket wood print is a must with its unique style and especially affordable low price of $29.95.  We are WoodSnap. “Memories ingrained”.

  • Pictures on Wood for Mom

    WoodSnap is the original print on wood company. We love to print you photos on hand selected wood. Create beautiful works of art in a matter of minutes. Learn more when you visit us online. There's a mother in everyone's life, show your appreciation this Mother's Day!

    Jaz Arreola

    Some people may claim they don’t celebrate mother’s day because no mother exists in their life but think that over. A mother exists in everyone's life even if it does not meet the social standard.

    When people think of a mother, a female usually comes to mind, but are mothers always women? Not necessarily,  a mother can be a person that nurtures you with unconditional love.  A person that makes you feel safe and who knows you better than you know yourself.

    No biological element is necessarily involved.  Mothers come in different forms shapes and sizes with no specific guidelines.  A nice person can be something different to one person than it is to another because each and every one of us have different perspectives and standards. Growing up most of my motherly figures were my friends' moms. I always took the role of a red headed step child. I would call their moms mom simply because I felt so loved by them. They never treated me different than their own kids good or bad. Looking back now I still feel very connected to my friends' families. I still send them #FlashBackFriday pictures on Facebook from time to time and this Mother's Day I think I am going to have them printed.

    This Mother’s Day think of a special someone and get significant pictures on wood printed for them and demonstrate your appreciation. Printing pictures on wood can solidify a relationship to something more by sharing with them a motherly memory. We are WoodSnap. “The Original Print on Wood Company”.

  • Uncrate your Custom Wood Print

    Our new locket wood print is now available.  Get your mother a locket wood print this Mother's Day.  Get Started at Now presenting the NEW locket wood print!

    Jaz Arreola

    Uncrate loyal visitors and WoodSnap blog readers will exclusively know about the NEW locket wood print and the special offer when visiting the site! is a digital magazine website designed to meet men needs (and women, if you’re into axes, and James Bond gadgetry).

    Just in time for Mothers Day! It’s great to feel you’re the only one that has revealed an obvious secret that is only known to a few. It’s like having the key to a secret garden that only you and your friends know about. It’s Great!

    The locket print is definitely a hit this Mother’s Day. You can choose photos to display on each side, while the locket locks them together.  The custom wood prints can then be displayed on your desk or shelf.

    Choose a picture of yourself as a child and a current one. Warm your mothers heart with two transition photos on your locket wood print. A great way to remind her of what an amazing journey it has been to be your mother.

    Visit Uncrate today and click on our link to be directed to the locket print and the special offer. Get your locket wood prints while they last. Momma won’t only be happy with her custom wood print but proud about you saving money.

    Mothers know best! Follow her advice this Mother’s Day and get her the locket print for her heart.  We are WoodSnap. “Memories Ingrained”.

  • Wood Prints at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

    WoodSnap outfitted Coffee Bean and tea leaf.  visit our website to get started on your own outfitting. WoodSnap wood prints adorn the walls of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

    Jaz Arreola

    It’s not a good morning without the fresh aroma of coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. This is why you will find our WoodSnap wood prints hanging from walls of two new locations of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. The two new locations that just opened are in Poway, San Diego and Downtown Los Angeles.

    WoodSnap outfitted these two new locations with about 17 different wood prints plumed pendent on the walls. Orange, yellow and red colors of sunshine, leafs, and giraffes generate a culture ambiance. Custom text reading “We Know Where Every Bean Comes From”, while blue colors and Palm trees of wood prints set a relaxed mood.

    An environments energy most often correlates with the interior design and adornments portrayed. A cup of coffee is extra enjoyable with a homey yet edgy California ambiance with our WoodSnap  wood prints bringing life to any room.

    Outfitting a company that takes pride on the meticulous efforts that go into each cup of coffee coincides with our goal of quality. Here at WoodSnap, we enjoy making our customers happy through the consistent quality of our work.

    Wake up earlier this morning and make your way to one of these Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations and enjoy a coffee with a neat view of our WOOD PRINTS. We are WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company”.


  • Grandma's House with WoodSnap

    Print your most memorable moments on hand selected wood. Get started today here at WoodSnap! 

    WoodSnap is the original print on wood company. We love to print you photos on hand selected wood. Create beautiful works of art in a matter of minutes. Learn more when you visit us online. Memories Ingrained

    Jaz Arreola

    Children photos are in every parents and grandparents home, especially Grandma's house. What do you imagine when you think of nana’s home?  Flower print sofas and flower print wall paper?  A random Victorian yellow velvet chair in one of the corners of the living room, tacky gold frames hanging from the walls and dusty children photos of your mom and/or dad?

    My grandmother was quite crabby when I was a young girl.  She just did not have time to deal with little girl non-sense. She had done it before with my mother and she was not thrilled about doing it again with her granddaughter.

    I have vivid memories about arguments with my grandmother.  It was sometimes a bit surreal! Just imagine a 40 year old plus woman arguing with a seven year old child.  One time she lectured me for turning up the volume on the television. All I was trying to do is help her hear the news report without her asking what the anchor had said.

    The television was old and we had two different remote controllers At some point in that argument about “respect for your elders” and not messing with “grandma’s T.V.” we found ourselves battling with the green volume bars going from left to right on the screen.  She would yell and chase me and I would hide under the dining table and turn her T.V off and on when she would give up searching for me.

    Children photos of a toothless seven year old still hang on my grandmother's wall, because even though I was a pain in the butt and she was a grouch, she never stopped loving the main contributor of her grey hairs.  This Mother’s Day give your grandmother photos of her grandchildren printed on wood from WoodSnap.

  • Earth Day with WoodSnap

    WoodSnap plants a tree for every product you purchase.  This Earth day print your photos on wood and plant a tree. Get started at Print your photos on wood this Earth Day!

    Jaz Arreola


    Happy Earth Day! 45 years ago, Earth Day became a National Celebration for our planet. While most of us take this day to be the best human we can possibly be to our planet, at WoodSnap it’s Earth Day every day. Printing photos on wood couldn't be any better for our environment, with a program we started three years ago called Root for Trees.

    With WoodSnap, printing photos on wood means planting trees to replenish what is being taken by deforestation. We give back because not only do we believe it’s important but because we believe it’s necessary.

    The birch wood we use does not deforest. The type of birch wood that we use is juvenile grown and harvested specifically for high end wood. Unlike rain forest trees and Redwood forests, where hundred year old trees are cut down and forests eradicated, the juvenile birch trees are grown and harvested much like the trees for a Christmas tree lot.

    Environmental issues are associated with taking too much of our environment carelessly and not replenishing. Take for example one of our issues today, fracking. Gas and oil companies drill using chemicals to extract from the ground, causing deep cracks, abnormal earthquakes and making water supply of some parts of our country unsafe to drink.

    Alternative measures are necessary when we take from our environment and we hope our readers take this day to realize supporting environmental friendly companies is essential. For each WoodSnap product you purchase, we plant a tree in American forests. Order your photos on wood this Earth Day and help us plant trees for the well-being of our Planet Earth’s successful future. Printing photos on wood couldn't be easier this earth day, give it a try! We are WoodSnap. "The Original Print on Wood Company".

  • Choosing the Best Photo for a Wood Print


    WoodSnap has an extended gallery full of wood prints  and  art prints on wood.  Get started on your very own collection now!  For more information visit Don't wait another second! Create 100% original and unique wood prints now!

    Jaz Arreola

    When choosing the perfect image to display on a wood print, start by looking around your home. We are sure you’ll find images of tender moments which are exactly what you’re looking to display on that wood print for our loved one. List the feelings that rain on you while staring at that image. It may be an image that carries great meaning.

    An image of a Joshua Tree reminds a member of our WoodSnap family of a time when his mother and him took a road trip up to Joshua Tree, CA. They spent the evening exploring rocks and the desert. A wood print of a trip would be a unique and exclusive gift only you and your mother could relate too.

    After choosing an image that moves the heart, try to figure out where the wood print would look best in your mom’s house. This will help you to determine the size of the wood print.

    Now that you've gotten through the difficult part, the easy breezy part is to visit our website and click Get Started. Here at WoodSnap we offer a variety of different wood print options, like our single image 16x16 or our 8x10 collages. We have many options to choose from that your mom is sure to cherish. We are WoodSnap. “The Original Print on Wood Company”

  • M.Newsom Photography Resilience

    Photography keeps Meghan Newsom motivated to keep battling her chronic pain disease.  What keeps you motivated to keep going each day?  Share it on a WoodSnap, get started at " These pictures may look like 'yoga' photos, but actually it is how my body bends.. even without stretching" -Newsom

    Today, Meghan Newsom a photographer (M.Newsom Photography) based in Huntsville, Alabama, shares with WoodSnap her journey of life with chronic pain disease and the drug that keeps her going. Find more of her work at and her Instagram, @mnewsomphoto.

    My name is Meghan Newsom and I own a little photography business in North Alabama named M.Newsom Photography. I am an artist, a believer, a wife, a doggy mamma, an adventurer, and a survivor. Over the course of my 28 year old life, I have had over 25 surgeries. I have had two reconstructive jaw, facial and tons of knee and joint surgeries. I wake up every day with constant pain. I am diagnosed with TMJ, fibromyalgia, a rare connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, endometriosis, chronic migraines and celiac disease.

    I don't allow those things to stand in the way of my life. Each morning I get out of bed, put my clothes on and continue living a life that I have always imagined. I rock climb, I kayak, I adventure, I travel and most importantly I help people by sharing their stories through photography, walking beside them in their triumphs and struggles.

    Over the past 10 years, I have had to re-define what "normal" looks like for me. I had to quit so many nine to five jobs because my body just couldn't hold up, I've had to give up my dreams of teaching children because my jaw couldn't talk for long periods of time, and I've had the responsibility of providing for my little family while my husband pursued nursing school.

    Because of this, I turned to my first love: photography. At my core, I'm a hoarder of memories, of people I love, and of friendships. I knew I wanted to be able to do something with my life that not only gave me life, but gave life to the people I met along the way. That's when I picked up my old camera and began learning the art of photography and the art of light. My business allows me to set my own schedule, to edit at my own pace, to sleep and rest when I need to and to create when I have the energy.

    Over the past five years, I have had many setbacks in my health leading to setback in my life and I can honestly say that the medium of photography is the only outlet I have. It is a way I can express myself when my body fails. A way I can see the goodness and the beauty in life when all around me things seem to be crumbling. My camera gets me out, it keeps me traveling, it keeps me interacting with people when all  I want to do is quit. It allows me to breathe in life and beauty.

    I chose these images because since the disease is life-long, it continues to get worse over time causing chronic pain, problems with my skin, my organs and my entire body. These pictures may look like "yoga" photos, but actually it is how my body bends.. even without stretching. Contortionists people may have seen in the circus often have this disease as well. These photos are special because they allow me to show people the disease in a beautiful way, rather than a disturbing way like most images found when you google "Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome".

    Even though I can no longer sleep on the bare ground, or hike a 14teener my husband and I are re-imagining our life and are finding ways to adventure, ways to have children in our home when we cannot have our own, ways to invest in the community around us. This life is hard, but in the brokenness and in the crushed dreams there is always beauty. I am beyond thankful to my camera for helping me capture that beauty.

    Photography keeps Meghan Newsom motivated to keep battling her chronic pain disease. What keeps you motivated to keep going each day? Share it on a WoodSnap, get started at

  • What to do with Children's Wood Photos...

    Create beautiful works of art by printing your children's wood photos on wood! Get started now! 

    Mother's Day is right around the corner! Where would we be without our mothers? This picture is of a mother and her children playing in the park. WoodSnap offers luxury prints on wood at a great price. Learn more online The essence of Motherhood comes in moments

    Jaz Arreola

    Flipping through children pictures of a young little girl made me realize the many well-intervention untruths my mother managed to make me believe.  I’m still quite gullible, I blame my mother for it all but I wouldn't have it any different.

    The first set of children pictures I flipped through, I found a Polaroid image that I had taken of my small turtle named Speedy.  In the photo, Speedy was so small he seemed like a speck lying in the middle of my twin size bed.  Speedy was released in a pond by my mother without my consent, something that took me years to find out.

    The story goes like this; I woke up one morning to find Speedy’s fish bowl broken outside in the back yard.  I sat there in the grass, under the beaming sun sobbing next to the shattered glass; my mother told me speedy had ran away.  I sniffled and cried a bit more until she convinced me speedy was happy exploring bushes and streets and that he may come back.  Years later, she told me the truth, she created a staged scene of a “runaway” turtle and she actually had taken speedy to the pond at the park nearby, I was living a well-intention untruth!

    I was living a well-intention untruth I kind of like now because I realized my imagination ran so wild and free, like a wild horse in a giant grass field.  Innocent fabrications my mother told me, taught me to believe in hope, aspire and create the person I am now and all these memories were all collected in my children pictures thanks to mom.  This Mother’s Day, flip through your children pictures and reminisce on all your mothers’ clever fabrications and share some with WoodSnap in the comment section! We are WoodSnap, The Print on Wood Company!

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