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  • WoodSnap Cares We Print on Waffles

    WoodnSnap cares; breakfast is the most important meal of the day and WoodSnap prints on waffles!!

    WoodSnap wants our customers to be more engaged. We want to start blogging about the people that help us make our products unique and interesting. Waffles for everyone!

    This morning we were all in for nice surprise. As I was walking in yawning and wiping the sleepy seeds out of my eyes, I noticed a new kitchen appliance by our coffee machine. I instantly knew it was a waffle iron, not only was it a waffle iron, it was brand spanking new waffle machine. This means that no residue from the batches of the past, this means no residue from someone experimenting with a variety of foods trying to make a new breakfast meal. It was perfect. Our pre-production champion Crazy Carl, took the time to explain to everyone that it was a wedding gift that he never used. That goes to show the caring attitude that we have towards one another. Crazy Carl made a waffle for every member of our team. He reeks of awesomeness. I gobbled mine up like a homeless kid. Just like that scene from Free Willy where Ben rushes over to the half eaten food and shoves it down his throat, like a hyena eating a waffle. WoodSnap takes care of its hard working crew members and this translates into our work. We take care of our customers and feed them good wood prints for breakfast. That is what we are all about. Making everyone happy and printing on waffles. Have a great day. WoodSnap. "The Original Print On Wood Company".

  • WoodSnap Gift for Couples

    Still looking for that unique gift for that special person in your life?? Have no fear, WoodSnap is here to suit the best gift for couples!! 

    The art of wood printing is made possible because of the high quality of wood we use. To learn more Printing Love on Wood

    Finding that special person that makes you feel complete is a beautiful thing. Love is a powerful force that can move mountains and conquer even the most difficult challenges. On the flip side, love can be lost in the blink of an eye if not catered to properly. The streaks of love never leave the soul. That connection that you've experienced is everlasting whether you want it to be or not. Memorable moments are filled with this powerful force of emotion and that is why we cherish them so much. Having these special moments printed on wood drives that energy through your body each time you look at it. This is all chemistry. That is why couples from all over the country are having their memories printed on wood. I was in love once, deep, rebellious, toxic love. I was young and restless, a time where I didn't feel complete. I was praying for a sign, something that would make me feel full. My prayers where answered and I met the girl of my dreams. My high school sweetheart and I were inseparable, I was her shadow and she was mine. We did everything our parents told us not to do and went about life without a care, not thinking of the consequences of our young and dumb actions, we were in love. Long story short, we broke up after ten years. We have a kid together now, and for the most part we do a great job parenting. Even though our relationship sucked towards the end, we have a really cool friendship which I am thankful for. You know what they say, its better to have experienced love than to not love at all. I would advise anyone who has found that special person to create as many memorable moments as possible. Printing on wood and ingraining these memories will forever be the best gift for the both of you. Take advantage and start printing on wood* now. WoodSnap. "The Original Print on Wood Company".

  • Print Your FaceBook Pictures Here

    WoodSnap loves to give away prizes to our followers. Follow us on Instagram and you can win or simply print your FaceBook pictures here!

    Printing on wood is what we do. WoodSnap encourages our customers to be creative and include us in their social media post. We are always having contest and give aways for our followers. To find out more visit On the creative path

    We are on the creative path to greatness. When our followers tag us and leave comments on our post, it makes us want to go out and conquer the world. Unfortunately, I have badminton practice during the week so I guess Irvine, CA will have to do for now. When you engage us on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook , it strengthens us as a business and gives us that spark of energy we need to go that extra mile. We love to print your photography on wood, it is something that we have been doing since the founding of this company. Photographers need a canvas to display their art, and we provide the highest quality wooden products in town. Why not take some amazing photos and have your photography on wood? I would love to do more photography but badminton has taken over my life. Dont be like me, if your a photographer I advise you to keep working on your craft and make the best of it . When you come across a client that loves your work don't forget to mention that you can have that amazing photography on wood shipped to them with love. That is a really strong incentive for a client looking for awesome photography. WoodSnap is on the creative path and we want you to join us. We are WoodSnap. "Your Memories Ingrained".

  • High Employee Standards

    We are regular average Joe's that make high quality wood prints, and every once in a while we take showers; simply because we have high employee standards!!

    We want out followers to know that we are average working people. We make high quality wood prints. WoodSnap Bathing Apes after a hard day at WoodSnap

    WoodSnap is an equal opportunity employer that treats their employee's with the respect that they deserve. That being said, yesterday was shower day for the warehouse grunts. We line them all up and wash them one by one like dogs on a farm. Starting with the beard, and working our way to the arm pits. This has to be done to ensure that our grunts can actually go out in public. We don't want anyone to think that we are just dirty animals that drink whiskey, chew tobacco and don't shower. That would be a misrepresentation of our business and what we stand for. We are WoodSnap, the original print on wood company. It's just that our warehouse grunts are so busy making your prints on wood look amazing that sometimes they forget to shower. No worries guys we have a hose outback that washes away all the filth. Your more than welcome to come by our shop and help us bathe our apes. Toodles. WoodSnap "The Original Print on Wood Company".

  • WoodSnap is for Electric City Butcher

    WoodSnap contributes with Electric City Butcher , providing them with wood prints for their new establishment.  Visit our website Electric City Butcher prints theirs with WoodSnap.

    By Jaz Arreola


    WoodSnap is ecstatic to have recently contributed wall-wood prints decor for  the new European inspired charcuterie, Electric City Butcher.  Electric City Butcher opened it's doors this January in Santa Ana, providing Santa Ana locals with only quality hand-crafted meats, sausages and hams.  Not only are we delighted to have worked with customizing wood prints for ECB but now their costumers and ours, can come together in one place.  Good food, good wood prints, you name it!  Supporting this new shop is what WoodSnap looks constantly for, a company that not only portrays similar great costumer service through their quality products but has good taste in interior design.  The contemporary feel the WOODPRINTS bring to the establishment is the PB to the J.  Cheers to a new establishment with woodprints and to the many more we look forward to working with.  Also, don't forget Valentines Day is coming up quick !  Stop procrastinating and browse for the ideal gift for that special one.  We are WoodSnap. "The Original Print on Wood Company".

  • Coolest Place to Work

    "WoodSnap has got to be one of the coolest companies I've ever been apart of." Ready why it is the coolest place to work! 

    WoodSnap wants our customers to be more engaged. We want to start blogging about the people that help us make our products unique and interesting. Pirates on the WoodSnap frontier

    Today, Im not going to talk about WoodSnap products and how wonderful we are. I know, I know you need to hear about our frames, collages and single piece wood prints. "Who does this guy think he is? You cant just decide over night NOT to blog about WoodSnap!! This is bologna!" I understand exactly how you feel sir, but orders are orders and I have to follow them. Today I will not be blogging about WoodSnap products, instead I will be blogging about the awesome people that make up this crazy wood printing machine. Today's post will be focused on the two men we hardly ever see. That's because they hide behind wonderfully kept beards. They are the true grunts of the company and they play their part well. If you have employees that don't mind doing grunt work, getting paid in peanuts and working outside in the worst conditions ever, you should keep those guys!! That's Al and Clark. I don't know to much about them but from what I can see they are really cool guys. Very polite, well mannered and crazy funny. Even at the break of dawn when we are all dragging our feet into the office. These two guys are up and at it. Joking, laughing and being total goof balls. I captured them this morning in one of their random duals over territory. This was epic, almost like a scene out of "Pirates of the Caribbean" I was lucky to have caught this before any blood shed. In conclusion, WoodSnap has got to be one of the coolest companies I've ever been apart of. Not only are the people enjoyable, but we provide a great product. What more do you want??? We are WoodSnap. "The Original Print on Wood Company".

  • WoodSnap Shows Improvement


    We want out customers to have an amazing experience printing on wood. That is why we are going to be revamping our homepage to better suit our customers. To learn more visit No more Rubix Cube!



    When you are running an e-commerce store front, you are constantly looking for ways for WoodSnap shows Improvement . We want to improve in the areas that will help make our customer experience more enjoyable. We know, we know that our site can be a little confusing. Our homepage is like a rubix cube. If you don't know what you're doing already, you kind of in no man's land. We don't want new customers to come to our site and leave with smoke coming out of their ears. We know that most of our customers are cool, laidback, crafty and artistic individuals, and we want our website to cater to those people. Printing on wood is an art form. You can't rush art. Sometimes you have to leave it in the sink and let it thaw overnight. You can't say how you're going to cook it before you do, all you can do is say "Just Watch". So that's what we are telling the people who are familiar with our business. "Just Watch" because we really cant explain how we are going to make the user experience better, but we know that you are going to love it. We just have to trim the fat. Its funny I say that because it seems like everybody is on a diet here at the office. Printing on wood is what we love to do and we want to make the experience magical. We are WoodSnap "Your Memories Ingrained".

  • Photography on Wood OW!

    Out with the old in with the new, lettin' the wood print loose!!Photography on Wood. OW!


    We are lettin' loose of our old ways and taking up anew. The way we write, the way we think and the way we act on certain matters, are all coming from  a new and wonderful place. Lets just say poppa's got a brand new band. OW! This new energy makes me want to break out and dance. OW! I got soul and I'm super bad. I got wood prints and they're super cool. OW! We are the James Brown of printing photos on wood. You heard me I said it. WoodSnap is like the godfather of printing your photos on wood. We've been doing it for years and we have pleased our customers to the point where they scream.."Encore!" Perhaps there was something in the coffee this morning, or perhaps this is the real James Brown writing this post! You never know what you might get when you walk in to our office. What we do know is what you can expect when you open up your package that contains your wood prints. When you first open up the packaging that keeps your wood print* safe, the first thing your going to say is .OW! You are going to be blown away by the craftsmanship that goes into every detail. We want you to love your WoodSnap, after all, you helped create it. You came up with the first idea and that idea is now printed on wood and hanging in your place. OW!  When your the godfathers of wood prints, you have a certain amount of responsibility. You have to ensure that all your customers are feelin' super bad when they receive their products. We wouldn't want to mess up the groove of things you and your lady got goin on at your pad. Can you dig it ?? We are WoodSnap. " The Original Print on Wood Company". 

  • Memorable Photos to Art

    Turn your memorable photos to art on an elegant presentation of birch wood canvas and frame!

    Turn a simple picture to wood a memory this Valentines Day.  Get started on your gift at Picture this on Valentine's Day.

    By Jaz Arreola

    Communication is a crucial quality for an individual to attain.  Not only has it been a consistent struggle for decades but an on going one til this day.  See the thing about communication that is difficult, is understanding the many perspectives of it.  Learning from each other is key to the growth of the individual and the relationship. I also think that relationships can be an art. Connecting to someone in the beginning can be obscure  then once you get the groove going it can be a glorious mural of the mind, so why not make it tangible if you have the ability to. The aesthetics of communication can be easier than you think, taking a picture to wood can facilitate the message of love this Valentine's Day.  We all know our other blogger David is not falling for cupids enchantment but I am.  Valentine's Day with a picture to wood, can easily be an aspect of communication and a perfect opportunity if you haven't already had the chance, to express your love through a memory on wood.  Picture to wood* this, the love of your life is communicating with you through in-direct messages or direct, depends, that they want a picture to wood memory.  Not necessarily are they thinking of a picture on wood but YOU are, because a framed picture has been a consistent almost stale, expected gift.  Turn your memorable photos to art on an elegant presentation of birch wood canvas and frame, it's 2015, times have-a changin' so get with the program! We are WoodSnap.  "The Original Print on Wood Company".



    A simple bold book can have a bold impact, just like our photographs on wood.  To get started on your own woodsnap, visit us at The Book of Life is Bold with Photographs on Wood.

    By Jaz Arreola


    Last night I finished reading a book called The Killers Tears, a book that has inspired me today.  The deliberate chosen words used to execute the precise feel each chapter tried to convey, was remarkably on point, like photographs on wood.  From start to finish, the whole book was executed beautifully even for it being an easy read.  Today, I'm sitting here and all I can think of is photographs on wood that can convey that exact feeling.  An "easy read" but a bold statement.  Photographs on wood can be a simple gesture that's different, one that can last you longer than a chemically sensitized paper and one that can deliver an enduring memory.  Photographs on wood* are a translation of that beautiful book of your life and memories that you share with yourself or your sweetheart.  Allowing your PHOTOGRAPHS ON WOOD, can only cast more to that excitement that each one of us are guilty of enjoying.  Indulge in this bliss of attention to detail and precise symbolic gestures that make life that much more enjoyable.  We are WoodSnap.  "The Original Print on Wood Company".

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