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  • Gifts for Him Her and Everyone

    The perfect gifts for him her and everyone come from WoodSnap!

    WoodSnap is proud to announce the new products for this holiday season. Wood Photo Frames and Wood Print Collages are now available. GIFTS GIFTS GIFTS

    GIFTS . .GIFTS . . GIFTS...and more GIFTS!! This year don't buy your loved ones things they wont appreciate. That wouldn't be an effective gift. Instead buy your loved one something that can be seen everyday and remember how much you love them. WoodSnap has a collection of wooden products that can be made into the perfect gift. It can be a Christmas gift or just a gift to show how much you care. Either way we've got your back. WoodSnap wants you to be happy with your wood prints so we've developed more ways for you to enjoy your custom prints on wood. WoodSnap collages and wood photo frames are just a taste of what we are cooking up here at WoodSnap. You can make a collage of your favorite photos from your favorite vacation and hang them in you favorite part of the house. Give your love one something to brag about at the office or just in general. Do the smart thing and shop with WoodSnap this holiday season. WoodSnap. " The Original Print on Wood Company"

  • Wood Photo Frames Are The Way

    Wood Photo Frames make the perfect holidays gift!

    Wood Photo Frames from Wood Photo Frame

    There is only one word that describes today . .SHOPPING!! Everyone will be out pummeling children and pushing over elderly people to get that perfect gift. WoodSnap has eliminated the craziness and presents you with the perfect holiday gift solutions. Woodsnap recently launched a new product that will make your wood prints even more stylish. Wood photo frames couldn't have come at a better time. WoodSnap offers their wood photo frames in three different colors that will match your living room, dining room , it will match with anything and everything you have in your house. The canvas prints from WoodSnap are so awesome that we know the process can get a little overwhelming. So for the type of people who have trouble making a selection because of all the great wood products we have, there is a solution!! WoodSnap offers gift certificates that you can purchase for your loved one and they can create a custom wood print from start to finish. Let’s be honest, we all want gifts that not only make a lasting impression but will also last for years to come. Did you know that we have a 100% Love Guarantee? That's how confident we are that this year's gift will be hit! Happy holidays everyone! WoodSnap. "The Original Print on Wood Company"

  • The WoodSnap Advantage

    The WoodSnap Advantage is the additional  wood frame!

    WoodSnap can print your favorite photos on wood. Prints on wood are a cool way to showcase your photography. "The Original Print on Wood Company" The perfect gift

    Whats more important than family? I come from a very small family and it just so happens that I am the only male in my immediate family. I was raised by three women and that has pros and cons that come along with it. Growing up with three women gave me an early advantage. I was ahead of the pack when it came to getting dates and phone numbers. At an early age I was a professional pick up artist. I could talk to any girl about anything and make them laugh. This eventually would lead to me talking them into bringing me snacks for lunch.YES! With all these skills developed at an early age just from watching and listening, I became the go to guy for advise regarding females. When it comes to buying a gifts you want to play on her emotions. The one thing that drives women are the communication of emotional thoughts and feelings. This is why a gift from WoodSnap will never fail. Wood prints of your wedding day remastered and hanging ever so gracefully in her favorite part of the house. On top of that our little elves here at WoodSnap will wrap your gift in our signature gift wrapping paper. That way you can stuff it right under the tree. You have the option of putting a wood photo frame around the print on wood to give it that fulfilling element. The wooden frames are cooler than the other side of the pillow and look amazing with any type of decor that might already be in your living area. The best part about the wooden frames is they come in three different colors. You have to go to our website and check them out for yourself. Photos to wood are a unique gift and will for sure make a great impression. If you cant make up your mind, you can always grab one of our gift certificates and let your loved one be creative on their own. Whatever your need, just know that WoodSnap is always here for you. WoodSnap. "The Original Print on Wood Company" 


    WoodSnap offers holiday gift wrapping for all WoodSnap customers.

    WoodSnap can print your favorite photos on wood. Prints on wood are a cool way to showcase your photography. "The Original Print on Wood Company" Gift wrapping for all!

    The holiday season is my favorite time of year. People are happier , the food taste better and you have an excuse to get insanely intoxicated. The corporate Christmas parties are the best. You get to see your co-workers let loose and do things they wouldn't normally do. On the next business day is when the awkwardness sets in. You cant believe that the bosses wife is such an animal. WOWZERS ...that image is now imprinted in your brain forever. Just like how we print on wood here at WoodSnap but instead of your little puppies, you have an image of your bosses cougar wife printed on your brain. Merry Christmas you filthy animal, and a happy new year. The holidays are crazy but we still have to get through them making sure we show the people around us how much we care for them. How do we do this? We buy them gifts!! Don't waste your money buying something that your wife is going to use for a month and then forget about. Instead, get a gift that is going to last a very long time. A gift that when she receives it, she is blown away by your sincerity and the amount of time it took you to actually get it done. WoodSnap makes the perfect holiday gifts. We have incorporated gift wrapping for this holiday season so when you receive your print on wood its ready to go under the tree. Make it easy for yourself and let WoodSnap print your favorite photos to wood, let us wrap it for you, and let WoodSnap make this a holiday season one you will always remember. WoodSnap. "The Original Print on Wood Company"


    The Wood Photo Frames are in!!

    WoodSnap can print your favorite photos on wood. Prints on wood are a cool way to showcase your photography. "The Original Print on Wood Company" Wood frame

    Finally!! What we have all been waiting for has arrived. Perfect timing for this years holiday season. WoodSnap is proud to announce the launch of its signature wood photo frames. Now your wood prints are going to look even better with a wooden frame around it. Frames come in different sizes and colors to best match your photos printed on wood. The new wood photo frames are hand stained for that rustic look that will match with any decor you have in your environment. Just like our WoodSnap prints, the wood photo frames come with our 100% love back guarantee. You have GOT TO SEE our wood prints in person! They have a beautiful matte finish and no post-coat lacquer! We even encourage our customers to put WoodSnap to the test by scrubbing their wood print with a scouring pad and dish soap. We are very proud to have perfected the science of creating a durable, vibrant, sustainable product that is now enjoyed by thousands of people and businesses. You will also be thrilled to know that the birch wood we use to print your photo on wood is farmed much like Christmas trees. This means NO deforestation. On top of that, WoodSnap created a partnership with American Forest called “Roots For Trees” to give back to the environment. For every WoodSnap you create, we plant a tree! If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift make sure to included one of our wood frames in the gift basket! WoodSnap. "The Original Print on Wood Company"


    WoodSnap can make the perfect DIY FAMILY TREE for this holiday season.

    WoodSnap can print your favorite photos on wood. Prints on wood are a cool way to showcase your photography. "The Original Print on Wood Company" Family Tree

    Family is one of the most important things in life. Family , just like a WoodSnap will last forever even when we are long gone. If you were to print on wood every member of your immediate family and connect them appropriately, then you would have your family tree. I think that is a great gift idea. Wood prints by WoodSnap are the perfect holiday gift for so many reasons. First lets start off with the question what is the perfect gift? The perfect gift to someone will be that which involves a memorable moment between the giver and the recipient. The perfect gift doesn't cost an arm and a leg , its personalized and straight from the heart. Prints on wood from WoodSnap rank high in all three of these categories. You can print photos on wood from your wedding day at a good price and have peace of mind that your orders are 100% love guaranteed. Make sure to check out our new wooden frames this holiday season and make this year another one to remember. WoodSnap. "The Original Print on Wood Company"



    Get your photos on everlasting wood to remind your spouse that your love is also withholds time!


    WoodSnap can print your favorite photos on wood. Prints on wood are a cool way to showcase your photography. "The Original Print on Wood Company" Forever and Ever

    My whole life I've been under the impression that we are suppose to live our lives a certain way. Go to school, get married, buy a house and have kids. Whoever came up with that format is a lunatic. That’s no way to live your life. I wouldn’t even consider that living, more like tiptoeing to an early grave. At the tender age of 25 I have no interest of getting married whatsoever, not ever. I would rather sleep with a life size wood print of Pamela Anderson every night. If you are married and still happy then that’s good for you. Get your spouse the biggest WoodSnap we have to offer just as a reminder that they are yours forever and ever. As your holding each other , staring at your gigantic wood print, remind your significant other that your love is forever lasting and indestructible. Just like the products we make here at WoodSnap. Good luck. WoodSnap, “The Original Print On Wood Company”

  • Cabin Fever For WoodSnaps

    WoodSnaps of your most memorable moments make the perfect gift for this holiday season!


    WoodSnap can print your favorite photos on wood. Prints on wood are a cool way to showcase your photography. "The Original Print on Wood Company" Make your memories last a lifetime

    There was a time where I was asked to be apart of a wedding. Funny thing about that is, I wasn’t related to anybody in the wedding at all. I was the boyfriend of the third cousin on the stepmother’s side. It was a weekend in hell. We stayed in a wooden cabin in the forest that had these huge sequoia trees the stretched to the heavens. On the morning before the wedding we all gathered by the cabin for breakfast outside. There was a horseshoe set up not to far from where we were eating; I was done with my breakfast so I wanted to give it a try. I threw a couple horseshoes and they fell short of my target. I realized that I have to put some mustard on this bad boy to get it down to where it needed to be. As I get ready to toss the horseshoe, one of the kids from the family gets in the direct path of my target. I couldn’t stop it was too late, everything seemed to be going in slow motion. Fortunately for me the kid’s mother called out his name and he ran over to her. The horseshoe just missed him. I let out a big sigh of relief. After that I put the horseshoes down forever. WoodSnap can take your most memorable moments and print that photo on wood. Only if I had a photo of my face during that moment to print on wood, it would be epic. What I can get is a photo on wood of the national park where we were that day. That wood print would forever remind me of almost killing a toddler with a horseshoe. WoodSnap, “The Original Print On Wood Company”

  • Emergency Gifts At WoodSnap

    We have got you covered 100% for those Emergency Gifts At WoodSnap!

    WoodSnap can print your favorite photos on wood. Prints on wood are a cool way to showcase your photography. "The Original Print on Wood Company" We've got you covered 100%

    We have all been in the position where we forgot a birthday, wedding anniversary or something to where we end up sleeping on the couch. Well those days have come to an end my friends. I usually give out gift cards to everyone on Christmas or birthday. It saves me time of having to think about what the person might like and overall makes my life a lot easier. WoodSnap has developed that same concept. Photos on wood make great gifts and you don’t have to worry about if they like it or not. Here at WoodSnap we have 100% Love back guarantee. This is a full proof system that never fails. When you are thinking about what you should buy for your loved one, think gift certificate, and then think WoodSnap. Wood prints are the perfect gift for this holiday season. Our prints on wood are indestructible. I couldn't tell you about any other printers out there but what I can say is that WoodSnap has your back 100% of the way. WoodSnap, “The Original Print On Wood Company”

  • Create Unique Vibes with Woodprints

    Create Unique Vibes with Woodprints and photos on wood!

    WoodSnap can print your favorite photos on wood. Prints on wood are a cool way to showcase your photography. "The Original Print on Wood Company" Houses On the Hill

    My favorite WoodSnap so far is the 30 x 40 we have of these small houses in Italy. The colors are so vibrant and the water is a turquoise blue, it’s the perfect wood print to showcase how amazing our product is. The wood grain comes through the ink and it just looks incredible. I grew up with Italians. I played pop warner football for a big Italian bald guy who looked like Goldberg from WCW. He was my coach for my whole pop warner career, which was about eight years. When it was time for practice, his whole family showed up together and stayed for the duration of the practice. What I love most about Italians are their family values. Everything was done as a big family and I was really into that. That’s kind of what its like here at WoodSnap. We are a big creative, colorful, bearded family working to provide the best prints on wood for you and your loved ones. Here we create a unique wooden canvas that presents your most memorable Italian photos engrained in wood. Wood prints are the newest wave of art that involves the intricate science of printing photos on wood with complete precision, vibrancy and durability. WoodSnap has revolutionized the printing industry by designing a highly exact, original photo to wood printing technique that embeds ink directly into the wood similar to the art of tattooing. The printed image fuses with the natural grain of the wood and fashions an inimitable wood print that is 100% unique and original. The most exciting thing about WoodSnap’s wall art is that each piece has its own fingerprint, as no two wood grain patterns are alike! Our extensive treatment process actually enhances the durability of the wood prints, making them moisture and heat resistant.  WoodSnap, “The Original Print On Wood Company”

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