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  • Proposal Picture Ideas

    Looking for the best proposal picture ideas? Print them at WoodSnap.


    I love watching proposal videos online. Some of you are really creative! And some of you… not so much. But there is no wrong way to get engaged as long as she says yes! I love watching the videos all day long and then when my boss comes in and asks what I’m doing I can simply tell him I’m doing research for the blog. So keep those videos coming so I don’t have to work! Seriously. Keep them coming. No, seriously. Send us the photos of you dropping to a knee, or the romantic gondola ride, or a midnight picnic or that Jumbotron flashing that jumbo ring and we’ll print your photos on wood! It’s the perfect wood gift to remember that special moment! Your wedding is an important day to celebrate your special someone. Here at WoodSnap “The Original Print on Wood Company” we want to make your gift buying seamless and easy this year! Let’s be honest, we all want gifts that not only make a lasting impression but will also last for years to come. Did you know that we have a 100% Love Guarantee? That's how confident we are that this year's gift will be hit! Whether you are newly married or are seasons veterans. Cheers!Take it from WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”

  • WoodSnap Wedding Dance Photos

    WoodSnap wedding dance photos printed on wood are the perfect way to capture the magic of the moment!

    A father-daughter dance is one of my most special moments at any wedding. For stupid reasons I won’t get into, my wife and I didn’t have dancing at our wedding. In lieu of the father-daughter dance we decided to sit around and awkwardly stare at each other until the food arrived. I will not be printing a photo of that on wood. Instead of a DJ my great-aunt hummed in the corner until her back medication kicked in and she dozed off. I envied her escape. I really wanted a picture printed on wood of my little niece standing on my dad’s feet as they did a slow dance. It’s cliché but I wanted cliché. I wish I could have given a wood gift of the best photos of my wedding printed on wood to everyone in our wedding party. WoodSnap specializes in printing photo memories on wood! It’s too late for me but not for you! Send us your favorite wedding photos and we’ll print them on wood for you!  WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”

  • Horse Photography

    Horse Photography looks perfect printed on wood!


    In 6th grade I spent a weekend at a working cattle ranch. That weekend cemented my love for all things cowboy. I love printing photos of horses on wood! They look perfect together! Despite thoroughly enjoying my stay at that cattle ranch I really only have 2 real memories from it; one is of shoveling horse droppings as my daily chore and the other was the picturesque sun setting over the pastures violently being interrupted by me throwing those very same-horse droppings at my friends. Good times. So whether it’s the kids playing in the barn, horses grazing, or just a good ole’ Cowboy mending a fence, send us your photos and we’ll print them on wood! It’s the perfect wood gift! Imagine what they’ll look like hanging in your cabin or living room!

    A WoodSnap is a unique wooden canvas that presents your most memorable photos engrained in wood. Wood prints are the newest wave of art that involves the intricate science of printing photos on wood with complete precision, vibrancy and durability. WoodSnap has revolutionized the printing industry by designing a highly exact, original photo to wood printing technique that embeds ink directly into the wood similar to the art of tattooing. The printed image fuses with the natural grain of the wood and fashions an inimitable wood print that is 100% unique and original. The most exciting thing about WoodSnap’s wall art is that each piece has its own fingerprint, as no two wood grain patterns are alike! Our extensive treatment process actually enhances the durability of the wood prints, making them moisture and heat resistant. All of this making WoodSnap the perfect gift.

    Trust us! We’re WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”

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