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  • PHOTO ON WOOD SERIES: HOW MUCH WOOD WOULD A WOODCHUCK... is the premier photo on wood expert!

    Prints-on-wood-How much wood would a woodchuck...
    We all know the saying that starts off, “How much wood would a woodchuck…” I won’t finish it as to spare you the pain. It’s a fun, tongue twister that’s attempted on playgrounds throughout America. The question(s) I pose is this: Who came up with this? Brilliant child or Extremely-Bored Adult? How long did it take to write? Did he do it while at work? To pass the time in solitary confinement? In his parent’s basement? Did he casually drop it in conversation on his first date, humble-bragging he wrote the Woodchuck Masterpiece? Did he make royalties off it or did people merely pay him to stop saying it? What’s the record for the most questions asked in a single paragraph? We may never know the answer to these questions but we do know that printing photos on wood look amazing! They make for the perfect wood gift! Take it from WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Five Year anniversary is a true milestone! #weddinganniversarygift

    photo-on-wood-first date
    First dates can be exciting or disastrous. You can tell a lot about someone by the place they pick to meet you for the first date. If you want to meet at the beach you’re telling the person you’re relaxed and love the outdoors. If you want to meet at a coffee shop you’re telling the person you want to take it slow. If you want to meet for a game of Frisbee golf you’re telling the person to cancel the date, change their cell number and move on to someone else… quickly :)! I kid. As you celebrate your wedding anniversary this year, reflect on the good times you had on your first date. Send your photos to print on wood to! We are the wood gift experts! WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Five Year Anniversary gifts are a click away! Get a wood gift from!

    prints-on-wood-cell phone

    Cell phone rings are as varied as there are people.  You can use songs, noises, bells, barks, voices, dings, vibrations and even the long forgotten “phone ring.” There is nothing more disrespectful than when someone’s cell goes off during a Broadway play. For a wedding gift I took my wife to a play in New York and someone’s cell went off mid-performance. That being said, there is NOTHING more entertaining than watching stage actors stop the play, call out and chastise the person with the offending phone. If I could print a photo of that on wood my life would be complete. That would be the ultimate wood gift! So remember to put your cell on vibrate next time you watch a play… or else you’re in for quite a show! WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Print your Instagram photos on wood!

    Photo on wood sunglasses

    I wear sunglasses most of the time. Not because I’m “too cool for school” but because I have light-sensitive eyes. This got me thinking who was the first pioneer of style to dawn tinted spectacles? I want a photo on wood of that kid’s first day at school.  Ouch. How many bold fashion statements did he try before that one caught on? Let’s hope not too many! So be bold. Be original. Print your photos on wood at! We are the wood gift experts! WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Give a wood gift and immortalize your photos on wood!

    prints on wood haunted house
    Why do we love to be scared? American’s spend millions of dollars each year to go to haunted houses and watch scary movies in the hopes of getting spooked. T-shirts depicting Freddy Kruger, Jason, Pinhead, Rosie O’Donnell, Hannibal Lecter can be purchased in almost any mall anytime of the year. Our fascination is really hard to understand. Of course, our fascination with “Dancing with the Stars” is really hard to understand too.  So whether you’re into the macabre or puppies snuggled up in laundry sheets, send your photos to print on wood! They are the perfect wood gifts! WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Wood gifts are the perfect graduation gift!

    prints-on-wood-high school plays
    I love watching high school plays. Being a former high school thespian I can attest to the varying levels of talent (and creative license) you will encounter.  Though critics and classmates alike panned my inspiring “Background Tree” performance in Hamlet, I still had fun and got to watch the play from the best seat in the house. A few weeks ago a customer sent in a Playbill from their high school play to print on wood. It came out really cool! It goes to show you that there is no end to the possibilities of the photos you can print on wood. Photos on wood make for the perfect wood gift! So remember, there are no small parts, only small actors... but small actors aren’t tall enough to “embody” the mighty oak, which is why I was personally hand-selected to be “Background Tree #4” in the greatest rendition of Hamlet Jefferson High has ever seen. WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Print your extreme sports photos on wood!

    prints-on-wood-all things extreme
    Extreme sports have really caught on in the last 20 years. I’ve seen some UNREAL bungee jumping photos printed on wood here at Woodsnap HQ.  Humans are obsessed with pushing the limits to the extreme! Even the word “extreme” makes everything sound cool. Try it! Extreme biking, extreme eating, extreme blogging! Well, maybe not everything. So no matter if you’re an extreme bungee jumper or an extreme Amish quilt-maker send us your photos and we’ll print them on wood! Capture those moments on a warm, natural wood canvas! It’s the perfect wood gift! Take it from WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”

  • PHOTO ON WOOD GIFT SERIES: WHY ARE WOMEN COLD? *Temperature, not attitude :)

    The Five Year Anniversary Gift is a Wood Gift!

    prints-on-wood-why are women cold

    My wife is always cold. She brings a sweatshirt or jacket no matter where we go. All of the girl’s in this office at are always cold. It can be blazing out and yet there’s always a sweater to be worn! There seems to be a battle of the sexes and our weapons of warfare are the Hot and Cold buttons on the AC. “Having your Finger on the Button” no longer refers to nuclear warfare but the warfare of weather. Talk to any couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary and you’ll hear war stories over the battle for the heater in the car. So why don’t we give our special someone a peace offering of a photo printed on wood! It’s the perfect wood gift for your Five Year Wedding Anniversary! Then while your wife is admiring her new WoodSnap on the wall, you can sneak away and turn that AC back on. WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    Wood gift me, NOW!

    prints-on-wood-bread sticks
    I loves me some bread sticks. Notice I didn’t say bread stick. We’re talking sticks, baby. Bread sticks. They’re like a meal before a meal. I love ordering bread sticks with cheese before my pizza. I’m literally eating cheese pizza before I have my cheese pizza. Then I eat two slices of actual pizza and say, “I’m done. I don’t like overdoing it.” And everyone thinks I have self-control! Haha! I win! I wish my wife would give me bread sticks for our six year wedding anniversary! I’m getting her a photo printed on wood from It’s the perfect wood gift… that is if you’re not counting my doughy stick friends. WoodSnap, “The Original Print on Wood Company.”


    This is our inaugural “Featured Photographer Edition” and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to one of WoodSnap’s favorite photographers, Candace Rock.

    CR 2
    Candace specializes in natural light, on location, lifestyle photography of women, families and children. I am a HUGE fan of Candace's photography and have been for a while. Anytime you start to “analyze” art you run the risk of sounding pretentious, and being that I’m a blog writer I’m already running at full pretension capacity, but I have no concerns diving into the wonderful world of Candace Rock Photography! Inspired by her father’s passing to turn her passion into a business, this Southern California-based photographer has an uncanny talent for capturing photos that embody a fresh, natural charm that goes way beyond the power of her lens.

    Candace Rock 1

    Ansel Adams once said, “You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” I find this to be so true when it comes to Candace. Her photos are an extension of her. They are full of life, energy and a passion that feels so tangible. Candace’s photography somehow transforms each subject into a blissful reality that tastes just like an oven-warm pie made with fresh nostalgia, bits of elegance and just a dash of Americana sprinkled on top (No MSG added). You need only a cursory look at her extensive work to see exactly what I mean. Her passion is infectious and you can truly tell she loves what she does. There is a reason Candace Rock is one of the most sought-after photographers in Southern California.  There is a reason we love printing her photos on wood. Candace Rock turns moments into memories. So check out her website and let the salivating begin!! Or find her on Facebook at "Candace Rock Photography"!

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